I am Nicole from Thrifty Decorating
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Desiree’s ideas have been so inspiring and continue to influence my style and design ideas!
One of my posts that is frequently bringing traffic is how I like to decorate with old windows, so I decided to share my “how-to” make a pot rack with some updated pictures.
Sheesh!  Those old pictures are horrid!!
We had an IKEA pot rack sitting in a box for the longest time. When we first moved into our house over 6 years ago, I had purchased one, but was afraid to put it up and put holes in our new walls and ceiling.
I almost gave the set to Goodwill…..I think at one point I even tried painting it??  
It was a miserable FAIL!  This was before I knew of the wonder of spraypaint!
Thankfully, we kept it because I was able to reclaim some of its parts!
The metal bars of the pot rack are from the IKEA kit….honestly, we never use the actual rails because my hubby is TOO tall.  At 6’5″ he hits his head on the pots and that makes for an unhappy hubby!
Instead, I just use “S” hooks from the hardware store and hang the pots off
the cross pieces of my window….no injured heads that way!
To hang to the window from the ceiling, we also just used pieces from the hardware store.
We screwed eye hooks into the window and ceiling and then bought inexpensive chain and clasp at our local True Value store.  The hardware probably cost under $5.00!
It was a quick and easy project and because the window was free along
the side of the road, the total cost was under $10.00!
What have you made with old windows?
What a great idea!
This Window Pot Rack is incredibly clever and charming!
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Thank you so much for visiting with us and sharing your project here.
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Happy Tuesday Everyone…

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