We’ve been working hard in the last few weeks on getting our girls bedroom ready.

This has been a serious DIY Project!

 Turning a covered patio into a bedroom has been among many things

one of the coolest projects me and Matt have done together.

Today I’m sharing with you how to make an ordinary pin board pop with color and texture.

Here it is, my girls’ Fabric Covered Pin Board.


Last week I received in the mail some super fun Riley Blake Designs Fabrics.

Oh the love!

Their fabrics are 100% cotton and I love how heavy and well made they are.

We are talking about quality here!

The color is vibrant and full of life I chose for these project their small yellow chevron.





Basically you will need:

Pin Board


Scissors, Knife

Spray Adhesive

Spray Paint is Optional.



The first thing I needed to do was to paint the frame of the pin board.

I wanted it to be white and spray paint was the easiest way to take care of changing the color. 


I didn’t worry about protecting the cork board since I was to cover it with fabric.

I placed the fabric on top of the board and I trimmed it with a pair of scissors.

How do you like my hand covered in paint?


You actually want to cut the fabric a little bigger than the cork board but smaller than the frame.

Let me show you!


Now that the fabric was cut it was time to stick the fabric to the board.

Make sure that the pattern is straight. You can actually pin it to stay in place.

 I sprayed the back of the fabric with the spray adhesive.

Don’t spray all the fabric at once. Just the area you are working on.

You don’t need to put a lot of the adhesive, it gets sticky easily.


Use a butter knife to push the fabric between the frame and the cork board.

Don’t pull too hard, do this part gently and smooth the fabric with your hands as you push the fabric in.

Just like this.



Work your way along the frame until every corner is done.


Before you know you’ll have the perfect board to match your taste and décor.

A Fabric Covered Pin Board can be a great addition to any office, craft room or kids bedrooms.

My girls are loving theirs!

Isn’t it fun?



Today I’ll be finishing another project.

For this next one I’ll be using the RILEY BLAKE DESIGNS CHEVRON LAMINATE YELLOW.


If you are one of those people that thought that fabric was just for sewing…. think again!


Happy Monday!



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