For the last few weeks we have been working hard finishing our girls’ new bedroom.
I can’t wait to show you the reveal next week.
As I was taking down the decorations from Mimi’s room I came across this DIY embroidered sign
that I made for her a while ago.
You see, I have a little ballerina
that dreams in pink and has a smile that makes my heart melt.
If she was a song I believe these would be her lyrics:
“Oh, How do you wait for heaven?
And who has that much time?
And how do you keep your feet on the ground
When you know, that you were born?
You were born,
you were born to fly”
{ Sara Evans }
So this is how this project came alive,
thinking about those places that her dreams will make possible for her to reach.
My sweet little angel has taught me
that we all have invisible wings.
Basically this is what you’ll need:
Paint, yarn, fabric, a cross stitch frame and embellishments of your choice…
The first thing you want to do perhaps is paint the frame.
They can be a bit pricey.  I bought mine in a thrift store for 99 cents…
so keep your eyes open and get your own good deal.
While the frame dried, I designed the word…
This took me longer than anything else because I am too picky and I wanted to find the perfect font.
{ CK Cursive }

After all I did was to put the fabric in place, put it in front of the computer and trace it.

I decided to use yarn instead of thread for the letters so we could see it better…
Then I just follow the line and did some “back stitching”  until all the letters were done…
For the embellishments I put a bunch of little butterflies…
All the pink ones were punched out from paint swatches and the sweet little green ones from scrapbook paper…
I glued them here and there using hot glue.
After, I was ready to hang it in place and add some
more of the butterflies out of the frame right into the wall.
Glue dots worked perfectly for this part.
And I was done…
I think this little sign is not just for Mimi but for all of us.
Sometimes life makes us forget who we truly are and how much potential there is in each of us.
We can dream.
We can become.
We can shine.
 We can fly.
Happy Wednesday!
I’ll see you later, back here at 6:30 during the Sticker Time and Link Party.



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