This Mini Canvas Abstract Art by Live Laugh Rowe is the perfect DIY Craft to decorate your work area and craft room. Such a cute handmade gift idea and easy enough for kids to make!

Mini Canvas Art by Liv#F1A1

Hey friends! Happy Tuesday. I’m excited to be visiting from Live Laugh Rowe again. Are you enjoying the spring weather that’s rolling in? I’m enjoying more time on my deck — listening to the birds and seeing all of the beautiful blooms. I even did a little DIY project to do some flower planting! However, when I’m inside, I’m busy crafting the time away too! I recently shared some Abstract Wall Art and was inspired to do a smaller desktop version. I thought today would be the perfect time to share this sweet Mini Canvas Art with all of you! Even better, it’s super duper easy!



Acrylic Paint, Mini Canvas, Straight Edge Cardstock, Mini Easel (for displaying)

Supplies for Mini Canv#F1A4


Ready or not… here we go!

Let’s start by prepping… Choose your paint color and pour onto work surface (paper plate or plastic lid).

Mini Canvas Art. Prepa#F1A5

Then you’re going to lightly dip your straight edge, (I used a manila gift tag) into the paint….

Mini Canvas Art.  Usin#F1A6

And create your masterpiece. Use separate pieces of paper for each paint color. Applying one color at a time — and layering them.

Fun Mini Canvas Art by#F1A7

Until your masterpiece is complete! You can do so many fun things with these little cuties! And it’s a great kids craft too.

Fun and Easy Mini Canv#F1A3

Usually after crafting or DIYing, I feel like I deserve a treat. How about you?

Well, if you’re anything like me, then here is some yummy inspiration…


Creamiscle Pie

Creamsicle Pie


Skinny White Chocolate drop Cookies

Easy White Chocolate Drop Cookies

I hope you’re feeling inspired. Happy creating, sweet friends!

See you soon…

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Kelly at Live Laugh Rowe


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