Hello everyone! How are we doing today?

I am excited to start a new week and see what life has in store for us.

I’m sharing with you a quick project that I made during the weekend.

Here are my DIY Stenciled Slate Coasters… I love the black and white.


These coasters were super easy to make, you’ll be done in five minutes!

All you need is the slate coasters { I found them at Michaels }, paint, and your choice of stencils.

These Handmade Charlotte stencils work great!


Basically all you need to do is place the stencil on top of the coaster and then tap the paint.

You can click here to see a step by step tutorial of how to stencil the easy way!


I love the clean modern designs!

Which one is your favorite? I am a polka dot kind of girl.

Here you can see all four of them!


After I was done I thought they could make a great gift!

Think about the possibilities, you can stencil initials, special days, or any type of design.

I think they could be adorable as part of a wedding gift or for new home owners.


The chalkboard look is timeless and think about the possibilities of what you can paint on them.

Have fun with it and make a set for yourself!



I hope you guys like them as much as we do!

Now I better go I have so much to do… in just a couple of days I’ll be on my way home

to visit my sweet family over in the Canary Islands.

I hope you are ready to see a ton of pictures 

since I’ll be sharing pics of my island right here on the blog.

OK, I’m done with talking… see you later friends!