Hi to all of the 36th Avenue fans! This is Melanie from Artzy Creations and today I’m here to share with you another fun kid craft. I love toys that encourage imaginative playtime for kids. Especially during the summer when the kids have more time to play. I happened upon these cute paper mache cupcake boxes and knew that these would make darling toys for my youngest daughter. These Cupcakes For Kids are just the cutest. All you need is couple of basic craft materials and in no time you will have some adorable play cupcakes. Let’s get started.


  Supplies Needed

Paper Mache Cupcake Boxes
Mod Podge in Matte Finish
Paint Brush
Pom Poms
Hot Glue
Various Acrylic Paints



Step 1: Apply Mod Podge to the paper mache cupcake box. Apply the fabric and cover with a coat of Mod Podge. Let dry. 


Step 2: Paint the top of the cupcakes with different acrylic paint colors.

Step 3: Hot glue or Tacky glue the pom pom onto the top of the cupcake.

These are so simple and fun. Your kids just have to help make them! They will for sure have fun painting the tops. You could also make boy versions of the cupcakes using super hero or train fabric, etc. If you don’t have any fabric scraps at home, you could also use tissue paper, construction paper… the possibilities are endless.

My daughter has filled these with all of her favorite little toys. She loves Legos, Shopkins, jewelry, bouncy balls. You name it, and you could fit a lot of cute treasures in these. Pssst… they would also make super cute party favors too 🙂

I hope you your kids have lots of imaginary fun with these.


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