It is Thursday and time to party here at The 36th AVENUE!

Also it is time to show you my new Craft Room.

I wanted a space more modern and easy to work with… Here it is.


The Polka Dots had to stay, my huge dining table that I use as my work area is still here.

The rest of the furniture went to my girls room and got replaced by these bookcases from IKEA.

I love that the back of the bookcases are open and I get to see the wall and all of my craft supplies at once.


When I was putting this room together I had three things in mind.

I wanted it to be organized.

I wanted it to inspire me.

I wanted it to be a place for my children to create as well.

Let me start with the organization.


This is a huge challenge for me. OK! I am a mess and I’m sick of it.

If you had the chance to visit you’d be amazed of how many crafts materials, fabric, tools and paint is here.

It feels like a little store. To keep everything clean and organized is a serious task.

This is what I did, I came up with an open system where I can see everything

without having to move other things out of the way.


I used baskets, boxes and clear containers to accomplish it!


Even my washi tape is visible and ready to use.


Another thing I used was jars.

Tons of them. I love that they are easy to carry and easy to see inside.


You can click here to see what I did to label them according to what is inside of each one.


For all of my fabrics I used more baskets… Do you see the two under the table? Yep! All fabric!


Of course among all things my favorite has to be my Peg Board and what I call my vinyl station!

You can click here to see the tutorial of how to make your own peg board.


Check out the amount of storage in this area alone!


The last piece of storage is my paint closet.

I am warning you it looks like a little paint store in there… and there are two

more shelves  higher with the one gallon cans of paint.


Let’s move into the accessories.


I kept the accessories to a minimum, most of them are things that I use all the time,

like my ironing board area.

{ Click here to see the tutorial of how to make an ironing board cover. }


The rest of the accessories have a meaning to me and even to my little ones.


I love this ladder and the fact that I actually use it to stand on and to hold my magazines.


On top of my desk I have the basics, my laptop, pencils, Nook and an old camera that my kids use.


The little silver bird is there to remind me that we were born to fly as high as we choose.


These next accessories came from the truck, a 1970 Ford, of my dear friend Dave…

They are original pieces and I love them!

Check out the ashtray… LOVE IT!


The little red box!

Yes that is dust and dirt from all the way back in the 70s… How cool is that?


The tool box holds all of my tools inside!

She is an old sassy box with a ton of character… Love her!


And then I have this second ladder close to the second shelf…

Did you know that I am only 5 feet tall?

Yes! I need as many ladders as I can get!


My last wish was to create a space that my children could be a part of.

A place that would inspire them to create, to think, to explore, to become.


This is my favorite part of the room our Gallery Wall…


I can’t tell you how much we love this area and the little hands that create art on this wall.


So there you have it. Here is where I make all of those crazy projects that I share with you everyday.

This is the little space where The 36th AVENUE begins every morning.


If you want to see how my old Craft Room used to look click here.

Also don’t miss the tutorial of my Dollar STore DIY Hot Pads here.

I love them for Christmas gifts!

{ Here is the chevron one, you must see the Red and Green Christmas Set}


Now, what you have been up to?

It is your turn… it is time to PARTY!

EVERYONE IS WELCOME as long as you

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