A couple of weeks ago Amaifer { one of my sweet readers } left this comment on

The 36th Avenue Facebook Page.


It took me a couple of weeks to find the time to sit down and put a little post together for her,

but I am here with a bunch of ideas. Amaifer, I hope you get to see this post and love these nurseries and color combos as much as I do.


 Every time  I am designing a space, any space,  the first thing I choose is the color palette.

The great thing about designing a room for children is that you can have as much fun as you want.

In my opinion there are NO RULES.

Bright colors are as welcome as soothing colors, all depends upon your taste and the little one’s personality.


Oh BOY… here we go!

In Amaifer’s case she is having a baby boy.


Seems to me like we live in a world made for girls.

It is SO easy to find cute accessories, bedding and clothes for the little divas.

For boys perhaps it is a little harder to find cute stuff but trust me there still is a lot you can do and work with

to make a special space for your little guys out there.




This is a style that is H-h-h-HOT right now.

It is simple and clean but at the same time it is bold and whimsical.

Here are two color palettes that are similar but with two different accent colors.


{ I added a little yellow line around the color box because this could work as an accent color }

You can see it in a nursery setting.

{ Amaifer, Check OUT the CRIB girl! }

Pretty COOL!

picture source


Here is the second RETRO look.

orange – brown – blue – gray


It would be so easy to create this wall art stapling fabric to a canvas. 

IKEA has a great source of affordable retro-modern fabrics.


picture source


The Classics!

If you are not crazy about this style you can always choose the classic look.

This involves darker tones against neutral walls and it is a safer color combo.

Here are two samples.


Green and Blue


Love the stripes and the oversize light features.

I would add some orange accents to bring some warmth.


The second one has red, navy blue and gray.


Pinned Image


The third color palette is basically made of strong neutrals with a punch of orange.

To soften it for a  younger child use sweet accessories as stuffed animals and

soft blankets. Here is a nursery using this color combo.

Those barn doors are so cool!

Pinned Image

Picture Source: ohdeedoh.com


SOFT NEUTRALS are my favorite ones!

Clean, fresh and simple.


These are the colors and look that I chose for my Devin’s nursery when he was a baby.

Pinned Image

picture source 



 Yesterday I was in church and I saw so many young beautiful mothers expecting.

So I thought to throw some girl nurseries out here for the fun of it.


GIRLS just want to have FUN!

Because there are so many more choices for girls out there

I didn’t add as many spaces as I did for the boys.

Instead of the classic PINK I chose however to share some less traditional looks for girls.


I love this first color combo.



Here is a nursery for you…

Check out the chandelier & the yellow crib.



picture source


This next color palette and nursery is darling….

I adore the wall treatment and the crib is  GORGEOUS!


Pinned Image

picture source


Here is another Nursery using similar color tones but with green accents.

I think this could work for a boy as well, just replace the girl touches for boyish ones.

Pinned Image

picture source


Before I go let me share a few other color palettes that I adore and that could work in a shared space…



From the green down it is all about the boy… from the green UP it is all about the girl.

To make it work for both use mostly the tan, green and gray tones and add some

of the pink peach color for the girl bedding and a true dark red for the boy accessories.


Pinned Image

picture source



Bright and HAPPY!

Same thing here.

Make the main color the neutrals: gray and white.

Use a true orange and dark teal for the boy accessories.  A lighter orange and a clean green aqua for the girl.

Pinned Image

picture source

The yellow can be the accent color.

Can you picture bright yellow wooden trucks for him and a bunch of fabulous pompoms for her?




This one is classic and sweet…

Pinned Image

picture source



So if you have a boy…

Pinned Image

picture source


…a  GIRL.

Pinned Image

picture source


…or BOTH

Pinned Image

picture source


Have FUN creating a world where a child can be inspired to be

who he or she is while dreaming…

Vintage Nursery by Lauren Clark.


nontraditional nursery

Beautiful Nursery Tour by Positively Splendid.


Happy MONDAY my friends!

Amaifer, I hope this helps!

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