These adorable DIY Candles make the perfect Christmas Gifts. Make these festive candles now and give them later!

Transform ordinary candles into extraordinary Christmas Gifts. These Christmas Candles are super cute and an affordable way to wish your friends and family a Merry and Bright Christmas! These are seriously adorable, they are easy to make and a great family activity for a cold Christmas night… Take another look and PIN IT for save it for later! 


Ready to see how to make them?


candles, electrical colored tape, gold washi tape,

permanent markers, buttons, felt, fabric.


The cost of these candles will depend on the candles you use.

You can make any of them for under $5!

Elf Christmas Candles

1. Use  electrical colored tape or washi tape to make the stripes. Cut a small triangle out of the tape to form the collar.

2. Hot glue the buttons in place.

3. For the belt buckle use a small piece of gold glittered washi tape.

Rudolph Candle

1. Hot glue a red pom-pom to make the nose.

2. Glue two small branches or sticks to make the antlers.

The Night Before Christmas Candle

1. For Santa cut a piece of felt 1 1/2″ wide and stick a piece of gold washi tape to the middle of it. Hot glue the belt and the buttons to the candle.

2. For the pajamas use electrical white tape to make the stripes. Cut a small triangle in the tape to make the collar. Glue the buttons in place.

Snowman Candles

These are my favorites!

1. Cut a piece of fabric to make the scarf. Tie it around the candle and use hot glue to style it.

2. Use a permanent marker to make the nose, mouth and eyes. You can also use acrylic paints for this step.

3. Glue the buttons in place.

{ Note: I found the candle with the black lid at Wal-Mart and it was perfect!}

You are done!

I love making Handmade Christmas Gifts.

Christmas Gifts - Candles Tutorial at ...Pin it now and make them later!

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