What a weekend!

I don’t know about you but we’ve been having a fun time decorating for the Christmas Season.

Let me show you our white and red Family Room.


Ready for a tour?

The focal point of this room is the mantel and the fireplace area.

I started with this untraditional wreath that I found over at Home Goods.

I love the natural and organic feeling of it and the fact that I could use all year long.

I think it works perfectly in this space.


The rest of the accessories came from Target.

Most of them are ornaments that I used to bring texture and pops of color.

I also used a bunch of outdoor natural elements such as these wooden sticks that we collected

in the beautiful shores of the North West.


I kept all the stocking in classic white and red colors.

This way I can use them year after year even if I change the decor.


My sweet good friend Wanda Ann from Memories by The Mile surprised me

on Thanksgiving with this gorgeous Poinsettia.


It was the perfect size and vibrant red to give the fireplace some needed love.

Simple, fresh and cozy… exactly what I pictured before.


As a center piece for the table I used as a tray an old sled that I have had for years.

It is rusty, rustic and in my eyes simply perfect.

I used some old cups to hold yummy Christmas Candy Canes.


I love this sled!


Since you can see the trees in the background let me go there.

Our family room has three small trees inspired by one of our favorite Christmas stories

The Tale of Three Trees.


We chose simple wood snowflakes and a few other ornaments to accessorize

our Christmas Trees… Take a look!



Right by the Christmas Trees there is a sofa table that I decorate every season.

This year I found over at my Thrift Store this cute metal Christmas Tree for just $2.

OK, it used to be brown but a little spray paint did the trick.


Guess what?

The snow flakes are actually table confetti that I found at Wal-Mart for just $1.50.

An easy and affordable way to decorate miniature Christmas trees!

I always like to make this table kid friendly so this year I made a wood nativity for the kiddos.

You can click HERE to see the step by step tutorial.


My Mimi loves to play with it all day long!

Let me see… what else am I missing?

The other wreath!

I wish I could take credit for this cuteness but I actually bought it at Target.

I believe is would have cost me more than $18 to make one,

so this DIY believer went shopping!


Now something that I made was the pillows.

I love the reindeer fabric… so cute!


And I think with that I finished the tour of our Christmas ready  Family Room.




I’ll be showing you our dining room and entry soon.

Have you decorated yet?

The outside lights are next for us!

Thank you for stopping by today.



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