OK so it is confession time.

I can bake many things but I can’t frost a cake… well I can do it but not the pretty way.

Seriously, how to frost a cake is something I haven’t mastered.

So for our girl’s birthday party I got her favorite chocolate cake from Costco and I gave it a 10 minute makeover.


We give makeovers to almost everything here in our home.

This is a perfect solution for a last minute party or if you are like me and can’t frost, then here is a cute cake!

This is how the cake came from the store… it is delicious and pretty but not girly enough.


The first thing I did was to cover the top with sprinkles… what a cute and fun way to bring color!


Next I made a little banner to finish decorating the cake.

To make the banner I used two bamboo sticks, the same ones you used to make Shish Kebabs.

I tied bakers twine to each of them and then I tied small pieces of fabric and ribbon on it.

Easy and super fun!


…Our birthday girl loved it and the fact that it took me 10 minutes to decorate was a plus for me!


So next time you are in a hurry or need a birthday cake on a budget just grab one of these babies

and give it your own touch!


You can see more of Anni’s birthday party here.


 Have a yummy day my friends!