Today I have so much Halloween going on that I am taking a Halloween break.

Yes I am going on strike

and I’m sharing with you a bit of  my Master Bathroom and some beautiful inspiration.

Our bathroom will be an extension of our Master Bedroom.

The tour is coming soon since I’m happy to report that it is almost done. Here is a sneak peek.


I would say that our room is cozy, comfy, warm and… strong.

A combination of black pine and warn neutral colors.

A combination of feminine shapes and masculine plain lines.

A combination of Matt and I… it is our bedroom after all.

For the bathroom I chose similar colors, with a touch of mustard yellow and little pops of green.

Here is a teaser.


No! Of course I’m not showing you anymore… you need to wait for the rest.

However, while looking for inspiration I found some amazing bathrooms that I really want to share with you.

Here are a few of my favorites in the color palettes that I had in mind before I made a decision.



Just A Girl bathroom is simply GORGEOUS.

I love the white walls and the color in the ceiling.

Make sure to visit her blog to see the rest of the bathroom and the before pictures.

nautical bathroom


The transformation of this bathroom by Arianna Belle is amazing.

You won’t believe how it used to look.

Seriously perhaps the biggest and greatest makeover I’ve ever seen.



This bathroom makes me so happy!

Via Better Homes and Garden


I also love the yellow touches in this one!



Neutral Bathroom

I love the mix of neutrals in this bathroom.

The layers created by different textures are gorgeous.

image source


The bathroom makeover by 320 Sycamore is nothing but EXTRAORDINARY!

Click here to see the before and after.

february 2012 master bathroom after 057 1


 Are they beautiful or what?

So, what are you doing today?

It is going to be perhaps one of the craziest days of my life.

First orthodontics… my top braces are coming out!

Second go and buy candy… Why did I wait until the last minute?

Third go and enjoy the school parade.

Fourth Halloween Party.

Fifth hopefully sleep like my husband…




Be safe, have fun and Happy Halloween My Friends!




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