Back to School Days are almost around the corner and to help my kiddos stay on top of their school work and be ready for the new year I made this Back to School Homework Station.

DIY Homework Station at Pin it now and make it later!

 I love the fact that you can put everything they need to do their homework on the side of the fridge. 

Back to School Station


The best part about this project is that my kids love it!

We do homework in the kitchen so I thought what better place to have a School Station than right here where the action happens.



 My favorite part of the back to School Station is the calendar.

I love multifunction things, this calendar is not just a calendar…it is a magnet and white board as well.

So fun!  

I have a step by step tutorial for you over hereI thought to add to the station things that the kids use all the time.

The number one question in my house during school days is:

Where is a pencil?

Number two: Have you seen a sharpener?

I think for the first time I can say I know where everything is!



I went magnet and hot glue crazy.

My goal was to add to the station the basic things that my little savages use everyday during school.

A ruler, scissors, tape, glue, punch holders, erasers, sticky notes, and even a box full of crayons and colored pencils.


I used Washi Tape to give all the items a more personal look.

Here you have the crayon box on the fridge…


I even had space to add their back to school charts.

We loved them last year and we are ready to use them again as soon as school starts.

You can find the tutorial here.



So are you ready to get organized and make this new School Year smooth and clutter free?

Make your own station, have fun with the colors you choose.

Make it a place that your kids would love and that you would appreciate.



Make sure to check out the tutorial of my Magnet White Board Calendar here!



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 So many great and fun ideas! 



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