I am happy to show you a big part of my Craft Room today

Our Chalkboard Art Gallery Wall.


Last week I asked on The 36th AVENUE Facebook Page what did you think about having a chalkboard wall.

Most of you liked the idea, some said with moderation, and others thought that this could be a messy choice.

I decided to add chalkboard on one wall.

A huge stripe along the width of the room and another one right on top of my iron board area.



The coolest part about it is that none of these chalkboards are actually painted.

I used vinyl right on top of the wall. That way if I ever get tired of it, all I have to do is to rip it off.



I wanted this room to be surrounded by images that I love and at the same time a wall

that would invite my children to come and create while I work on my own projects.

It was so much fun to see them come one by one and check out their new area.


Before I knew there were two…


…and then there were three!

Check out Devin’s face.

He told me after that he was drawing mummies killing monsters.

No kidding!


This wall used to have just my polka dot pin board on it.

Now it is covered with moments, prints and the art work of the people  that I love the most.

Oh I feel inspired!


If you would like to make something similar my advice is to get the 24 inch vinyl.

The big chalkboard on top of the iron board area is 24 x 30 inches.

The stripe is the same 24 inch vinyl cut in half so it is 12 inches wide and as long as the wall.

My advice is to get two people to help you put the vinyl in place.

You don’t need to transfer it to the transfer paper. Just apply it as you would do with a sticker.

If you feel like it you can always paint the wall with chalkboard.

I didn’t want something permanent.

So fun!


Now what you have been up to?

It is your turn… it is time to PARTY!


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