Are you happy?

 A couple of months ago I was asked this simple question and without hesitation I answered yes.

A few days went by and the question kept coming to my mind.

Am I happy?

 Before I knew it I found myself writing in my journal things that make me happy…

thoughts that have served me as an umbrella during the storms of my life.

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 I hope you don’t mind if I get a little personal today and I share some of them with you,

as I speak from my heart hopefully to yours.




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I really believe that those that give are a gift from heaven.

My own life has been touched by the unconditional kindness of others.

I’m not talking about just giving some coins to a person in need… which by the way is a generous act.

I am talking about giving ourselves, our time, our knowledge,

our respect and our love to those around us.

I really believe that giving makes our hearts grow.

When I am willing to give more I have noticed I need less.

Giving brings happiness. 




I believe honesty is a lot more than to say  the truth.

It is to act with such integrity that we will treat others as we would like to be treated.

It is to act with such integrity that we won’t allow to lie to ourselves or someone else.

I have noticed that when I am honest with myself

I am more willing to change whatever is making me unhappy.

I grow closer to not just the person I am

but the person I was born to be.

Honesty brings happiness! 




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I am as imperfect as imperfect can be. I make mistakes everyday.

Recently? Hmmm… let me think.

1. I burned my husband’s razor cord with my curling iron a few weeks ago.

2. Broke the back light of my truck backing up

{ no comments }

3. Left my purse inside of my car and it got stolen.

{ I said no comments }

 Now, I wish all my mistakes were like that!

All I can say is that the power of mercy and forgiveness has been a blessing in my own life.

When we forgive we take away from our souls a heavy weight that squishes our hearts

until the only thing left is sadness and sorrow.

When we forgive we become truly free, we are able to love more deeply, to judge less,

and ultimately put to rest those hard feelings that take over our daily lives.

Forgiveness brings happiness!


4. listen

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Seriously… we are surrounded by noises.

Wherever we turn there is an opinion, a voice, a sound.

I don’t know about you but when I feel overwhelmed I choose to shut up, to unplug,

to turn the volume down as much as I can  so I can listen to the powerful voice of silence.

When I allow me to distance myself from distracting noises around me I get to hear what really matters.

I get focused and my priorities are more clear.

I get to hear not just the voices in my brain but the sweet inspiration that speaks just to the heart.

Silence can bring happiness.




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A few days ago my kids asked me if sugar was bad…

{ My thought: Hmm… depends if it comes in the shape of a Kit Kat.}

What did I actually answer?

I said depends on how much you eat.

I believe that is true with most things.

Too much of anything is simply too much!

Balance lets us see where we are from a neutral place.

Balance gives us the wisdom to measure how much of this and that is needed,

how much of this and that is wanted, how much of this and that is making us crazy,

and how much of this and that is making us happy.

Balance brings happiness.



happy people

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Oh my goodness!

I can’t even tell you how important this is for me.

The fastest way to be unhappy is to surround ourselves with negativity.

Don’t you love happy people?

They really bring sunshine to my soul.

They choose the better part, they choose to smile, they choose to see the good,

they choose to trust, they choose to simply be happy!

Because of it they radiate such a light that is more powerful than any darkness.

Their positive ways make me want to be better, they make me want to smile more.

Happy people are a blessing in our lives,

to me they are like rainbows that remind us that the storm will surely pass.




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Years ago while at work I met a couple that I have never forgotten.

They were celebrating that day their 40th year anniversary.

They were adorable together, I could see right away that they were celebrating not just a day but a lifetime together.

As a newly wed I asked them if they could give me some marriage wisdom.

To my surprise the lady looked at me and said just one word: simplify.

It is so easy to get caught up in the I want more game… Isn’t it?

It is easy to feel that value and success comes from surrounding ourselves with things, 

with commitments, activities, media and again more.

As with our houses sometimes we need to stop and clean up our lives.

Take away the garbage, mop our hearts, clean our brains,

put away the things we don’t need and as she wisely told me…to simplify.



take a break

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 Do you ever feel packed with heavy burdens that are too heavy to carry in the “uphills” of life?


Let me share a little story with you…

While growing up in order to get to our beach house we had to go on a dirt road that was full of bumps.

I remember one Summer when the car we used was old and tiny and packed with supplies.

There was a steep hill where we literally had to get out of the car and push it up.

The weight of the things we had, the people inside and the dirt road was too much for this litte guy to handle.

We would let the car cool down, rest for a little bit, lighten the weight and before we knew

we were laughing about it on our way to the beach house.

Those days have become some of my most cherished memories from my childhood.


I have to admit that sometimes I feel like that little car.

So?  Do you ever feel packed with heavy burdens that are too heavy to carry in the “uphills” of life?

Maybe all we need at those times is to cool down, rest for a little bit, lighten the weight,

and a little push in order to pass that hill and see behind how wonderful and beautiful life is.

Taking a break brings happiness.




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“How much do you have? – The rich man asked arrogantly.

I have all I am grateful for – She said –

and with those simple words he turned around and felt poor.”

{ Quote from Ashes by Desiree Campbell }


At the end of the day she is right all we have is what we are grateful for.

Gratitude is a gift;

it is perhaps one of the greatest characteristics of a humble heart.

It makes us feel rich for the simple fact of living.

It puts a smile on our faces for the simple gift of giving.

Gratitude makes us aware of the beauty of the world around us.

It gives value to the moments that in other ways would be forgotten.

Gratitude finds in everyday life a treasure;

reminding us that joy comes to us in the most simple forms,

such as the hug of a child, the voice of a friend, the hand of your loved ones…

Gratitude makes us feel blessed instead of forgotten.

Gratitude brings happiness.




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Years ago I poured my heart out here talking about believing.

Now years later I feel the same way.

From all things that made me happy the greatest one is the power of believing.

Believing in God has brought hope into my life in those moments that I had every reason to feel hopeless.

Believing in family has taught me that love can last forever.

Believing in others has taught me to trust and forgive and has given me the blessing to be trusted and forgiven.

Believing in life has giving me second chances, sometimes falling but always standing up again.

Believing in myself has make experience moments that I didn’t know they even existed! 

 Believing brings us happiness. 

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So am I happy? 

Yes I am!

Because I know every experience we have, even those that are sad teaches us something.

Even though there is a lot of negativity in this beautiful world of ours

there is even more beauty and reasons to feel positive and optimistic about life.

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We must choose to be happy!

Love you guys to pieces.



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Wishing you a HAPPY day!


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