It is Spring Cleaning time!

Today we are talking about that place in the house where things suppose to stay fresh

but for some reason they get rotten and expired… Yes I am talking about the fridge.

How to clean and keep your fridge CLEAN.


There was a time when our fridge didn’t used to look like the picture above.

Actually it looked more like { wait, sit down } this…

How to clean and keep your fridge CLEAN.


…a mess, a pile of food, cans, and bottles.

A crazy mess!

Well, everything changed when I tried a few things that I thought it would make a difference.

I am going to share with you 5 tips that will not just help you clean your fridge but to keep it clean an organized.



Take everything out of your fridge.

  Throw away anything that has expired or is not in good condition.

It is sad how much food can go to waist.

How to clean and keep your fridge CLEAN.



Deep clean the fridge.

How to clean and keep your fridge CLEAN.


Remove the shelves, and drawers.

This is a pain but it will pay off at the end.

I use hot water and soap to do the deep cleaning.

For those areas that are perhaps more dirty I use lemon.

Works wonders and it smells super good.



Use wax paper to protect your fridge shelves and the bottom of your drawers.

I have noticed that wax paper works the best.

It won’t stick to the glass and it looks fresh and bright.

How to clean and keep your fridge CLEAN.

 This is an awesome step!

It is a lot easier to change the paper in case of a spill that clean the entire drawer or shelf.



Use sandwich bags {fold top closure}  to wrap butter, cheese, and vegetables.

How to clean and keep your fridge CLEAN.


I use these bags all the time.

This is the best dollar you will ever spend.

It is quick, folds easy, keeps your food fresh longer and your fridge odor free.



Use small bottles for ketchup, mayo, and mustard.

They work perfect for kids and they are pretty much mess free.

How to clean and keep your fridge CLEAN.



Use big plastic containers to store your bottles and smaller ones for snacks, butter sticks,

and to keep your veggies and fruits organized.


As you can see I am not just talking about Tupperware but

the containers people normally use for papers or office supplies.

I used the big ones to put all of my bottles.

These are things that we don’t use everyday but that were always in the way.

How to clean and keep your fridge CLEAN.


Use smaller containers for smaller items.

I can’t tell you how much I love my butter container.

I used to have have sticks of butter everywhere and they used to get the yellowish yucky look.

No anymore!

Also the veggies and fruits are a lot easier to find and use.

I just put the container out and pick what I need.

This step made the biggest difference in our fridge.

How to clean and keep your fridge CLEAN.



Before you go shopping take a look at what you have.

This will not only save you money but will help you to keep the amount of food in your fridge under control.

How to clean and keep your fridge CLEAN.


Following these simple steps we went from a mess to the cleanest fridge we have ever had.

And the most important part is that these steps have helped us to keep it clean and organized.

How to clean and keep your fridge CLEAN.


We are loving it!

How to clean a fridge and keep it CLEAN.


For more Spring Cleaning check out these 10 Amazing Cleaning Tips.

10 AMAZING Cleaning Tips and Tricks that will make your cleaning a lot easier.


Have a sparkly day my friends.



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