As I’ve been working on the accessories for our laundry room, more and more I love the fabrics that I chose for it.

My scrap lampshade is the first project that I am showing you with those super cute fabrics!!




I am in love with this lamp… it makes me happy!

Before I go ahead and show you the tutorial I want to talk about the fabrics for a few seconds.

One of my sweet readers, Sara Erickson, asked me this last week: 

“Just was wondering where you got your fabric from? 

 I hope you don’t mind my asking…it’s just SO hard to find the modern/pretty ones…

I don’t even know how long I’ve spend searching for some that is that pretty!



Sara my love, I don’t want you or anyone else to search forever so here they are:

Most of the fabrics came from the fabulous Verona Collection

by Riley Blake Designs.

These fabrics were the inspiration for the entire space.


I wanted to add some more patterns with a modern twist.

These other fabrics from the Hullabaloo Collection by Urban Chiks for Moda were perfect!


These last two by Michael Miller had the beautiful coral tones that add brightness to the space.

By the way white daisies are my favorite flowers!


I purchased all of my fabrics over at one of my local fabric stores here in St. George, UT.

{ If you are ever visiting down here I would love to take you. } 

Now, don’t panic since you can purchase these fabrics on line.

 Search for the names and you’ll see a list of great places that sell them.


OK… back to the Fabric Scraps Lampshade!

Let’s share a tutorial… shall we?



I used fabric, Washi tape, paint and of course a brush and scissors.




The first thing you’ll need is a lampshade.

The point of a project like this is to be thrifty… an old shade would be perfect.

I bought mine back when we were living in Oregon, for $1 at our local Thrift Store.



Please, promise me that you won’t cut your precious hands.

I used an exacto knife to help me remove the original fabric.

You want to take all the fabric out!



I didn’t like the gold color inside of the lampshade’s frame so I painted it with this

delicious Flamingo Pink by Martha Stewart.

I love this color and the paint quality is excellent!



After the paint dried it was time to have fun!

I cut strips of fabric of about 1.5 x 4.5 inches and I tied them around the top ring of the lampshade.

Play with the fabric so the pretty side of it faces you.



The vertical strips of fabric are going to be longer.

The length will depend on the size of your lampshade.

Make the strips about 3 inches longer than your lampshade, this will give you room to tie the knot

comfortably.  Using scissors cut and split the ends of each strip in two, just like this…



Then place the fabric on your lamp shade and tie the split ends  under the ring

and then flip the strip of fabric over.


Do the same at the bottom.

Repeat the process on top of each vertical piece of metal.

By the end your shade will look like this!

Do you like it?



If you are new here you should know I’m a freak!

{ You should also know that it is contagious }

I could add the light bulb and be happy with it but as I always say

” The details are what really makes the ordinary EXTRAORDINARY! “

I used some Washi Tape to spice up the light bulb.

Cute… huh!


NOTE: I am using a low heat light bulb for this lamp…

Safety always comes first!


Here you can see it at night…


So there you have it… Make a bunch of knots.


Use those pretty fabrics that you already have…


…and create something that lights up your own world.


So fun!


Talking about fun, it is Friday my friends and

the weekend is almost here… let’s enjoy it!





If you are new to my blog I want to welcome you!

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