Hello Sunshines!

I have a super easy project for you:

DIY Salt & Pepper Shakers using Mason Jars.


OK, this is a project that literally took me under 5 minutes to make

and since I am a jar junky it was free.

Yes… FREE! 

Are you like me that always has some awesome jars on hand?

You never know when you are going to need these babies!



All you’ll need to complete this project are two small jars,

{ I think they are about  6 to 8 oz. Jars… You can find them at Wal-Mart }


…a small nail, a hammer and a marker.

{ Isn’t my hammer cute? }



I eyeball everything, if you don’t feel comfortable doing so

use a marker to determine where you want the holes to be.

Make three holes for the pepper and about six for the salt.

After you have marked where the holes are going to be use the nail to make them.




Now add the salt and pepper…

You are done!


Do you want to know something cool about these salt and pepper shakers?

 They are perfect for camping or picnics!

Think about it…

Just change the under lid for one without the holes so it dosen’t spill…


when you are ready to use them put the lid with the holes back!



Come on!

…Is this awesome or what?

I think I am giving myself a sticker!


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15 Great Ideas Using Jars



Happy Monday My Friends!



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26 Responses to DIY Mason Jar Salt and Pepper Shakers

  1. Gweny says:

    Just another idea for those mason jars is using them as air fresheners around your house. You just fill the jar half way with baking soda add your favorite essential oil shake it up from time to time to reactivate the smelly good stuff, pop holes in the tin like Desiree did and VOILA you have awesome air fresheners throughout your house for pennies.
    P.S. I popped holes in a shape of a heart..

  2. Joyce Howell says:

    Awesome idea for making your own salt and pepper shakers! Just a thought, instead of removing the lid with the holes when transporting, just put a lid without holes on first then put the lid with holes on top and screw on the ring. I know this works, because I have accidentally put two lids on one jar when canning. Great website!

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