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Today I’m going to show you how to create a DIY Gallery Wall in minutes by the click of a button! Home decor can be a bit overwhelming BUT I found a tool that will change the way you think about decorating and designing  your own walls! I had so much fun creating and playing with color, texture, and sizes over at Modify Ink. Let me show you!

I have three teens at home and I wanted to create a family room that had a young retro artsy feeling for us to hang out!

 Do you get frustrated when you are looking for wall and home decor?

I know I do!

I have found that it’s very hard to find the perfect wall art for a space. Sometimes the size is not what we are looking for. Other times the size is right but the colors are not. This is why I was SO EXCITED when I heard about Modify Ink.

Home Decor - DIY Gallery Wall at the36thavenue.com

What about if I tell you that you can click HERE, choose a print, change the color, texture, and size to match exactly what you have in mind! Shut UP! Right? Seriously, none of these prints that I used for our home were originally these colors, I changed them all by the click of a button!

For example you can change the hair, eyes, skin, dress, and background color of the girl print below! 

CLICK HERE to TRY IT… Is like playing dress-up! 

Their site is so much fun and their prints are simply ADORABLE!

The possibilities are endless! 

You can go from this…

…to this!

You are going to love the quality, the designs, and the fast shipping…

 …I love it ALL!

In all honesty so far this is my favorite product of the year!

So click HERE to find all the prints that I chose for my gallery wall and go play.

See what colors and textures you like best!

Would you choose warm neutrals?

Or would you choose a fun colorful modern look?

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Thank you so much for visiting with us today!

This post was sponsored by Modify Ink. All opinions are 100% mine