Two weeks ago I got to visit my friends over at Daybreak, here in Utah. I wanted to hang out with them for a full day and enjoy the amazing community that I’ve heard so much about. The experience was incredible and Daybreak really stood up to its’ fantastic name and fame… Such a fun place to live!

Four weeks and four bloggers building their virtual dream home with Daybreak !

Starting today and during the next four weeks I am going to take you on the journey of building my virtual dream house.

You are going to experience first hand the process of building not just a house but the place that you can call home.

I am teaming up with Daybreak Utah and three other super talented blogger friends to share with you step by step how to become what I call a Daybreaker!

The first thing you need to do when you are going to purchase a home is choose a neighborhood!

Why Daybreak?

Let me show you!


Daybreak is FUN and Safe!

{ I am a mom x 4 so the slide needed a try! }

Daybreak 2

During my day over at Daybreak I got to go down a zip line { no, I’m not showing you a picture of that }, had lunch by the pool, and I paddled along in Daybreak’s Lake… Isn’t it gorgeous!

Daybreak 3

…I climbed Everest as well. {  OK, it was a rope mountain but it felt like Everest!}

A day in Daybreak 1

I got to do all of these things and more without leaving Daybreak! This community was built to have fun inside of a safe environment. The scenery and beauty of the place invites you to get out of the house and play!


Family Community

Daybreak 4

As you can see Daybreak was designed to hold families.

From the park, to the fresh water lake,  over 30 miles of trails, splash pad and finally the pool… Daybreak is the dream place for families of all ages.

The fact that they have multiple communities inside of Daybreak to meet the needs of different home owners is brilliant!

You can click HERE to take a look at all of the Daybreak Utah Communities!




Inside of the Daybreak you just don’t have all types of fun things to do but so many other amenities that make this community simply amazing! You can find restaurants, a bank, health services as hospital, dental, and orthodontics. You will even find there kid’s academy, the gym, the salon and my two favorites… Granato’s Deli { yummy gelato there } and The Nest Boutique!

daybreak 5

Imagine living in a place where you get to enjoy life with the benefit of having right inside of your community pretty much everything you need! I am telling you this place is EXTRAORDINARY!

You can click HERE and see all the services you can find at Daybreak Utah.


Next week I am going to introduce to you my dream community in Daybreak Utah…

It is a gorgeous place and the houses are AMAZING!!!

You can take a peek at the Lake Village HERE.

daybreak 6

Also you want to click  HERE and have fun visiting some of the beautiful houses there.

Stay tuned, I will show soon the house I picked for my virtual dream house and pictures of the inside!

Until then make sure to stay in touch and

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Also make sure to visit my girls over at their blogs to see why they love Daybreak!

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Four weeks and four bloggers building their virtual dream home with Daybreak !


Thank you so much for visiting with me today!

You guys are awesome… Besos!


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