Do you love free fonts?

A few weeks ago I shared our Back to School Chart Free Printable and a few of my readers asked me

if I could share the name of the fonts that I used for the printable.

So today’s post is for all of you that would like to play with some new fonts.

These are a few of my favorite Chalkboard Fonts… I love them!


Just click on the name and download your

Chalkboard Fonts  for free.

1. Chalkboard  2.Fonts  3.Create Memories  4.Play Hard  5.Dance  6.Dream Big

7. Always Remember  8.Love  9.Laugh  10.Friendship  11.Second Chances

12.Listen to your Heart  13.Explore  14.Stand Tall  15.Travel  16.Journey

17.Eat Cake  18.Work hard  19.Enjoy  20.Family  21.LOL  22.Forgive  23.Read Books

24. Click here and here for the Doodles.


After I was done putting all of these Chalkboard Fonts together I really liked the vintage look of it,

so I made a 8×10 Free Chalkboard Printable just in case you would like to have it!


Click here to download and print.

They are fun, huh? 

Well, I hope you like them as much as I do!

Wait we have more…

Click here for these awesome Halloween Free Fonts.

Free Halloween Fonts at


And take a look at these Back to School Dry Erase Charts.

Print them and make them in less than five minutes!

Have a wonderful day my friends!




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31 Responses to Chalkboard Fonts and Free Printable

  1. Amber says:

    What are the terms of use on these fonts? Can they be used commercially for products on Teachers Py Teachers or personal use only Thank you so much for the great fonts! :)

  2. Mandy says:

    How do you get the “doodles” to work on microsoft word? Are they used as font? They are not showing up like the others. Thanks so much!


    • Desiree says:

      They will show as a don. Each doodle is under a letter. If you click “a” a doodle will show up on your screen. Also use capital letter sometimes you find extra ones under it!

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