Our home is going under the knife! I am talking about a serious renovation and even though the rest of the rooms are still a mess I am happy to say that our kitchen makeover is finally finished. I am so excited to give you a tour of our new old kitchen. I hope you like it as much as we do! Here it is our White Kitchen Makeover.

The Finishes.

We chose simple white maple cabinets for our new kitchen. We wanted a clean modern look and Sam, our carpenter, did an amazing job.  He refinished for us the old cabinet frames and replace just the facings with new covers and drawers.  We chose to replace our old countertops with a very dark almost black granite. I love the contrast between the black and white.

 For the backsplash I chose glass subway tiles mixed with stainless steel. I was looking for texture more than color and the combo between the metallic and the different tones of neutrals was just perfect!

For the floor we chose tiles that actually look like hardwood floors and for lighting we added a modern ceiling fan to keep the clean lines and the Summer heat away.

 We also used a contemporary wavy glass for two of the cabinets to add a new texture to the combo!


The Accessories

In bathrooms and kitchens I like to decorate with items that are useful. I don’t like unnecessary clutter.

I brought some color into the kitchen filling the corner cabinet with some of my baking dishes and cake stands.

 I used plants to bring a splash of green and an organic feeling to the kitchen.

Under one of the cabinets I hung our DIY Stenciled Mugs.

You can find the tutorial here

 For the wall I made a few free printables. You can print them for free HERE.

Free Printable Set.. Perfect to decorate your kitchen! #printables #kitchen

 Get creative! A little color…

...a little texture,

 …and a little cuteness, can do extraordinary things! 

 To finish it all I made a geometric gray and white balance and I added a colorful rug to tie together all the colors of the kitchen. All done! 


Here it is just with neutral tones!

My favorite part of our new kitchen is all the little extra gadgets and built-ins that help us stay organized. 

Make sure to check them all out HERE.


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  Wishing you all an awesome day!