First of all I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and

share with you a quick Nativity Printable that your children can use to play

or simply have it at the kid’s dinner table to keep them entertained until dinner is served.


8×10 Nativity Printable



 8×10 Nativity Town Printable


8×10 Full Nativity Printable


You can find more adorable Christmas Printables for Kids here.



Being today Christmas Eve I also want to share with you why this season is so special to me.

Before I do so I want to warn you all that I will be sharing my personal beliefs about Christmas.

Please stop reading if you would not like to hear about them.


I have received so many gifts during the years. Some of them of great meaning to me.

I remember as a little girl always wishing and hoping for the Three Kings to bring me a Barbie.

I wished, and I hoped, and I wished, and I hoped until one day I grew old enough to wish and hope for something else.



When I was 18 my then forgotten wish came true and I received among other gifts a Barbie.

I think my oldest sister Elsa convinced Balthazar that it was about time!

I learned that day that our wishes sometimes come true not when we want them

but when we are ready to really appreciate them.

Such a simple but powerful truth that have stuck with me during the years.


As I am looking to my children’s faces, hoping and wishing to find under a tree the gifts so desired

I think about so many families that this Christmas

won’t see the eyes of their children sparkling by the magic that is found under a Christmas Tree.

Some of these children will learn this year that Santa sometimes doesn’t get their letters on time.

Some of these children won’t simply have a tree, a gift, or a family to share this Season with.

Some of those children will be looking at the  tree just in the memories of their fathers and mothers,

as their parents remember them, knowing that they are in a better world.


Thinking about all of these the little baby in the arms of Mary and Joseph comes to my mind.

I really believe that as fun as the wrapping paper,the toys, the tree, the lights, the mistletoe and a perfectly decorated home are,

all of these are just part of the celebration but not the reason behind it.

Christmas for me is much more than all of that.

I can honestly say that among the many things I have received, the many things I have accomplished,

the many hopes I have had, the many wishes that have come true in my life,

Jesus Christ is still  the greatest gift I have ever received.


Because of Him I celebrate Christmas.

I celebrate the life of my Savior.

I celebrate the hope that his teachings and promises have given me.

I celebrate his redeeming power, the hope of a better world, the miracle of forgiveness,

the infinite influence of true unconditional love.


 The story of Christmas to me is one of trust, faith, devotion, and love.

Christmas was born in a manger, with nothing but a stable, two loving parents,

animals as witness and a shining new star in the sky as the only décor.

This simple and humble setting helps me to remember that no matter how little we may have,

no matter if we have dozen of family members around us or if we are alone,

no matter if we can shop until we drop, or if we are still wondering how we are going to make it to the end of the month.

No matter how old or young we are, no matter how broken, empty, full, happy or sad this Christmas may find us,

no matter how far or close to home we might be, no matter how much hope or hopeless we are,

I know that the greatest gift you and I will ever have is the love of our Father above.


I’ll be celebrating this year my 37th Christmas and when I look back to that child wishing for a Barbie and to this grown up woman

looking at her children wishing for their own new toy I realize that today, right here, right now

Christmas is still about hope, about faith, about devotion, and about infinite love.

It’s my hope that I  may never forget that, that I may take a minute and thank God for my family tonight,

and a minute to ask Him for those that are missing their families deeply in their hearts.

It’s my hope that the child in me never stops believing in the true meaning of Christmas.

I wish you all a beautiful and Merry Christmas my friends.



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