My Craft Room is evidence that good things comes to those that wait…

{ …I waited for 36 years 😉 }

The fact that I am sharing it with you { thousands of people I have never met }

 is evidence that dreams come true.

 So today I am sharing one of my dreams, my little “good thing”, my Craft Room…


Please allow me to give you a tour.

Follow me…



Keep coming… We are almost there.

One of my favorite things in this room is the window and the great source of natural light.

Here we are…



As I was saying I didn’t want to take away the light so I dressed up the window

with a super easy no sew window treatment.

These fabrics make me happy and light up the space even more.

{ Click HERE to see the full TUTORIAL }


From this corner you get to see more clearly what I call my design area.

I decided to add a pin board not just as a place to collect ideas but to create balance

 and bring a bit of the opposite polka dot wall to this side of the room.



I love this Cork Board… So fun!


It is a perfect place to imagine and collect ideas for my feature projects.

{ You can see the full TUTORIAL for the Polka Dot Cork Board HERE }


In your way out you’ll find two other small walls.

{ Don’t leave though there is a lot more to see }


Here is the one with the small bookcase.


And here is the one with my favorite piece of furniture…


The Polka Dot Walls inspired the entire design behind my Craft Room.

I was able to make such perfect dots with the help  of this fabulous stencil by

Cutting Edge Stencils.

 { Click HERE for a chance to win any stencil of your choice }


This dresser is my favorite piece for two main reasons.

One the shape is so darn cute and the colors make me happy…

Don’t you love the wall?


 The second reason is because it has a lot of room for storage

which hopefully helps me accomplish my number one resolution for this new year:


{ I was a mess until Wednesday 😉 }







The Small Dresser

My main focus while working on this room was first to make it inviting and a kid friendly space.

{ I love when my kids help me make new things }

The second one was to have a place where I could be inspired to create and really get organized.

Most of my material are inside of the dresser.

Each of the drawers have specific materials inside: ribbons, stamps, embelishments…

Take a look !



The Sewing Area

You may remember this peg board that I made for my jewelry a couple of months ago.

{ You can find the tutorial HERE }

…Well I am going to have to make another one soon because now it is part of my Craft Room

 and sewing area.


 This is how it looks now…


In this same area I have this little stand holding my Washi Tapes.

Love the colors!


…and a wooden crate that holds all of my fabrics.



The Bookcases

I have a total of two bookcases in my Craft Room.

The tallest one is against my second Polka Dot Wall.

As you can see in the picture I used a bunch of plastic bins to hold my kid’s school and craft supplies.


One of my favorite things in this bookcase is the little display of glitter.

Are you noticing that most of the accesories in the room are storage?


The smaller bookcase is in the opposite corner of the room holds mamá’s craft supplies and tools. 😉


Also there is Lola { my Mod Podge Suitcase. Click HERE for the TUTORIAL }

Inside there are a bunch of keepsakes and journals.

My kids love to come visit and look through my little treasures.



I used jars to store the rest of my craft supplies. Easy to grab and see inside.



The Accesories

I really didn’t have to do much thanks to the polka dot walls.

The rest of the “accesories” are pretty much “must have” items.


My Lamp


My Fancy  Pencil Holder : A cup!



My Pin Cushion…


My Dry Erase Board: A mirror.


A clock…


My Calendar.


And a few other things that I like…

{ Click here to see the Wood Dice Tutorial }


..and I love.


So there you have it!

First I started with a wall…


and I finished with a room….



Now… Where did all my fabulous paint go?

Well…  lucky me!

There is a closet in this room.

Ha! Stay tuned!


Dream BIG!




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