I want to welcome you into our home.

Months ago I shared with you here our dining room makeover.


 Today as a request of one of my sweet readers I am welcoming you into our living room.


I don’t believe that there is a right or wrong way to decorate as long as you love the place you get to call home.

This place can be a 300 square feet room or a 3000 square feet house.

What makes any space special is the fact that YOU are in it.


The Furniture.



If you have a lot of money you can probably afford to go to a furniture store and get whatever you want.


I don’t have a lot of money so I go to my local thrift stores and I get whatever I love.

This next piece for example I bought months ago for 20 dollars.

Paint and a little love can do miracles…


Do you know that every single piece of furniture in my living and dining room were bought in different places,

at different times, and some of them in different states?

The only furniture in the living and dining room that have its original color is the dining table and chairs.



The Accessories.

{ You can see the tutorial for this sign HERE}


Accessories are my favorite part of design.

My advice for you is to make your own trend.

Own it!

The most beautiful accessories are those that don’t just accessorize your home but your soul.

Let me show you what I am talking about.


The salt in the glass bottle above is from Spain. The acorns are from the USA.

I am a Spaniard island girl that married an all American Rocky Mountain Boy.

To your eyes these two elements are a decoration in my home,

to me they accessorize my soul.


Frames and pictures are another way to add personality to a space.


To you these are just pictures, to us they represent who we are and who we belong to.

They accessorize my soul.

Living Room Tour and Design Tips by the36thavenue.com


In the next picture you are going to see two clocks.

If you pay close attention you will notice that there are seven hours difference between them.

The one in front marks the local time the one in the back marks the hour in Europe where my family is.

To me they say a story, they remind me that in the other side of the Atlantic I have people that love me.

These clocks accessorize my soul.


For those who visit my home this may be just a book,

for me the word family represents what a home is all about.


I think I have made my point…

Surround your home with items that are not just appealing to your eyes, but to your heart.

This is what would make the difference between a house and a home.


The Details.


Not every home accessory has to say a story but in order to make a place truly special

we need to pay attention to detail.

Natural elements have the power to bring the outside inside.


The concept of detail can be found in the most simple things.

The top of my Saydi’s piano has as a runner a roll of old music.


My husband got this old piano years ago for her as a birthday present.

She won’t let us paint it.

It is her piano, she loves it as it is, for her it is beyond perfect.

So when my friend Wanda Ann and I found this Music Roll

I knew it had to go on top of my girl’s majestic piano.


Books are another great accessory for a home.

They bring warmth to a space and they smell delicious!


Use glass and mirrors to reflect light and make a space brighter and airy.

Texture, patterns and color are basic elements of design.

Play with them, mix them, create interest with different heights and sizes.


Do the same thing with fabrics… mix textiles, colors and patterns to create  visual focal points.


Use mirrors and glass to introduce sparkle and light into your space.


In this small area of our home there are over 10 glass vases and four mirrors.

You will see the other three mirrors in the next picture.

I love using mirrors not just on the walls but as trays on top of tables.

They look gorgeous at night when the light of  the lamps reflects on it.


At the end of the day your home should be a place that your family and you love.


Your home should be that corner of the world that belongs to you,

that speaks of you, that reflects who your family and you are.


Make a house your home…

You can visit our dining room here.


Wishing you all a happy Friday and a beautiful weekend!

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