Finally! My Home Office is all done and I’m so ready to share with you this formal living/dining room makeover! You can click HERE and HERE to see how this room used to look just a week ago… I’m still in shock of how much this space has changed! Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have this corner of mine!

For the longest time I’ve been thinking about turning this room into my studio. Finally I found the energy and time to just go for it and transform this side of the house that we mostly didn’t use into my workspace. This room is huge so I divided it in two separate working areas. Today I’m sharing the side of the room that I’ll be using my projects and videos. Tomorrow I will come back and show you the other side of the office from where I am writing this post! 

Home Office Decor - This room went from dining room to office. So pretty!

I have a ton of materials and props so I put together a bunch of storage all along the walls to store all my goodies! If you follow my journal on Instagram you know by now that I spent four days assembling a total of two desks, four armoires, and two buffets from Ikea! I’m not going to lie it was A LOT OF WORK but it was all worth it!


 I am not a big fan of clutter so I always try my best to accessorize with useful items. I found these adorable white and gold office supplies over at Target and I knew they had to come home with me!

Isn’t it cute? This area makes me happy!

Home Office Decor - This room went from dining room to office. So pretty!


I painted the walls in Gravity 4005-1B | Valspar. You can find it at Lowe’s. This is the perfect gray. Super clean and beautiful… From all the grays I have used before this is my favorite! Green, blue, and white are the main colors that I used to decorate the room.  To add texture I used modern flower patterns. I made the pillows and the curtains from these gorgeous fabrics that I found at my local JoAnns… You can never go wrong with the classics!

Already my kids love this room as much as I do!

Make sure to come back tomorrow to see the other side… It’s my favorite!


Here is how the room used to look before! 

Dining Room Tour – Click HERE

(This is the side of the room I will share next!)


Industrial Living Room – Click HERE

Thank you friends for stopping by today!