Hi friends, welcome to The 36th Avenue! I’m happy to say that our bedroom makeover is finally finished! I love the combination of black, white, and natural wood so for our master bedroom decor I used these colors and pieces to create a warm and charming farmhouse style bedroom. I can’t wait for you to see it all and take a tour! 


Let’s take a closer look! 


Furniture are the bones of any room. Most bedrooms are four straight walls so furniture is what really shapes the space. When I’m looking for any style of furniture the word that I keep in mind is TIMELESS. Before you go to the furniture store make sure to check out yard sales, and your local thrift stores, you’ll be surprised with the treasures you may find!

Because furniture can be expensive I like to look for pieces that will look great today and five years down the road.

The look, style,  and feel of any piece of furniture can easily be changed with color and accessories!




For farmhouse decor look for a combination of rustic woods, jute, and neutral accents.

Keep it clean and make sure the accessories you choose are packed with character and warmth. 

One of my favorite things in our room is the corner ladder. You can see the tutorial HERE.

Remember to create different focal points and don’t be afraid to make both sides of the bed similar but not identical. 


 You can always bring color into the space with other accessories such as rugs, books, and flowers!


Textiles in a bedroom are a great tool to add texture and color. For our master bedroom I chose white linens, a handmade knitted blanket that I found at a yard sale, and the cutest fabrics that I used to make pillows. The white see-through curtains give the room a gorgeous glow when the light comes through… I love the combination of all of it together!


The most important thing is to create a space you love and that feels like home!


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Wishing you all an awesome day!