I always try to share with you my best projects, my best pictures, my best recipes and tutorials but today I am sharing with you some of my mistakes and the things I have learned from them. This is what I call a post from my heart to yours!

Parenting and Kids - Five Mistakes Moms Make! the36thavenue.com


I… Who is that?

Motherhood is without a doubt the most rewarding and wonderful blessing I have received in my life. Also, wouldn’t you agree that at times it is the most exhausting marathon you and I will ever run?


Years ago I realized than somewhere between breastfeeding bottles diapers preschool school after school activities looking for shoes loads of laundry dinner washing dishes sticky kisses parent teacher conferences visits to the doctor going to the park potty training { God bless us all for this one!} cleaning throw up piano rehearsals and much more I forgot one tiny thing…

I forgot to put commas between it all.


That’s right, between all that I forgot to take a break

and I forgot me.

Parenting - Five Mistakes that Moms Make. the36thavenue.com #kids

Because of it one morning I woke up and I saw in the mirror the reflection of the saddest version of myself. As Lena Horne said… It wasn’t the load that was breaking me down { I loved being a mama}, it was the way I was carrying it. I determined that day that my family deserved better than the person that I had become so I made the effort to simplify and make time for myself… Read a book… Go on dates with Matt… Play more often as a family… Reconnect with my Father in Heaven. Little by little something magical happened, I found a better me and this time I couldn’t wait to share ALL OF ME with those that I love the most.


Fighting Against Them

Parenting and Kids - Five Mistakes Moms Make! the36thavenue.com

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Years ago I was talking with a man that I really admire and I asked him what advice he could gave me as a young mother.

He thought about it for a minute and then he said something that I will never forget:

“Pick your battles”

Before his words I had designed in my mind a perfect blue print of how my kids were going to turn out. I knew what was best, right?  The truth is that I didn’t want to pick my battles. I was the mom, I wanted to win them all!

 Soon enough I realized that kids have a mind of their own { no kidding!}. When children and especially teens are not willing to follow what parents expect, home can become a war zone. In those moments it is too easy to use words and hurtful comments that can become lethal weapons. I really believe that instead of fighting against each other it’s a lot better to fight for each other.



We all know that we should never compare one child to another. They are unique and beautiful in their own way. As moms we protect their individuality and try to build their self-esteem. We try our best to raise confident children as we focus on their gifts and wonderful characteristics instead of their flaws and imperfections.

Now, when it comes to ourselves we have the tendency to be more critical… Don’t we?

We tend to compare ourselves to other women. We tend to forget the same lesson that we want our children to learn.

Parenting - Five Mistakes that Moms Make. the36thavenue.com #kids

As we compare ourselves our imperfections seem to be too many,  way too heavy, and instead of being inspired by other women we start sinking in an ocean of inadequacy. Oh my friends this behavior is not just a mistake but it is darn ridiculous.

Each of us is beautiful and unique in our individual way. There is only one YOU, there is only one me, and that makes each of us a living miracle. We are not perfect but we are loved perfectly by a Father above, and if you think about it that makes each of us pretty darn special.



Seriously, we gotta stop this madness!

I have like 30 pounds of this “non-sense” around my mid section!

Did you hear me sister?

30 pounds!

The crazy thing is that it isn’t just the food on our kid’s plates that we go ahead and eat. We moms have the tendency to make the huge mistake of taking over the many other leftovers that our adorable children leave behind. After a while we may feel like we are carrying around 30 extra pounds of responsibility not just around our waists but in our brains and shoulders.

Parenting - Five Mistakes that Moms Make. the36thavenue.com #kids

It took me some time to let my kids take responsibility for the things they start and allow them to finish a task without me intervening. I have learned that it is not for us to finish our kid’s leftovers but instead to decide how much they can have on their plates!


Missing The Moment

Parenting - Five Mistakes that Moms Make. the36thavenue.com #kids

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I think sometimes life is like a cul-de-sac where four neighbors live. Their names are  SOMEDAY, LATER,  TOMORROW and NEVER. These are the best neighbors. They are always there when we need them. We can always count on them. It took me a while to realize however that I needed a new neighbor… Our family needed TODAY to  move in.

I remember before having children, the long list of dreams and things that I couldn’t wait to do with my kiddos SOMEDAY. Then I remember holding one and each of them in my arms for the very first time dreaming of the things that TOMORROW would bring. TOMORROW came visiting everyday with new diapers to change, with the achievement of new milestones, with a bunch of chores, and the dreams that we’d fulfill LATER. The thing about LATER is that it NEVER comes. It is always late. LATER always finds an excuse to not show up.

Years ago I realized that I was sick and tired of waiting for LATER and I decided to hang out with a new friend, TODAY.

Every single day is a precious gift. It is not about the things we do, but the way we do them.

Even now, sometimes my old good neighbors knock on my door but I am quick to kick them out. TODAY I enjoy the sticky kisses, the warm hugs, the joy that comes with talking around the table while eating a homemade meal. TODAY is full of surprises, of new moments, of new experiences. TODAY is a new chance to breath, to love, to celebrate.


Let’s not make the mistake of missing TODAY while waiting for TOMORROW..


Motherhood Quotes 3

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I will end this post in the same way I started … Motherhood is without a doubt the most rewarding and wonderful blessing I have received in my life. Also, it is the most exhausting marathon I will ever run and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Thank you so much for visiting with me today!

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