Hi, I’m Michelle from 
& I’m thrilled to be a guest at one of my favorite places
The 36th Avenue!

My blog is about sharing creative ideas &
making life special for the people I love.
I’d like to share one of my favorite projects with you –
My Chalkboard/Art Wall.

Most of these beautiful frames belonged 
to our dear Mom Lunt.
{I found them when we were cleaning out her garage 
& I wanted to do something special with them.}

AND I’ve always wanted a chalkboard wall!

A lot of my inspiration for this came from the
wonderful blog Isabella and Max Rooms.

Using this Benjamin Moore Chalkboard paint &
“Super Doo-Z” lint-free roller worked like a dream.

First, I painted around the edges with a brush,
then rolled the middle. It only took 2 coats!

The paint has to cure for 3 days!
{Waiting was the hardest part of this project!}
Everything I’ve read about painting something with chalk
suggests preparing the surface – before actually writing on it –
by covering it with chalk.

All of my frames were gold with a very “orangey” cast.
Since I wanted a feeling of a mix of metallic finishes,  
I used a sponge paint brush &lightly
painted over some of the frames with 
a platinum color using this product . . . 

I am an interior designer, so I’ve had lots of experience 
hanging pictures. When hanging a grouping, I usually 
just lay the frames on the floor, arrange them 
& hang them, but this is a large wall with so many frames
–so I used this method to decide on placement . . . 

I used old, ugly wrapping paper & traced around
each frame & lightly taped them on the wall.
{Click here for my video tutorial with more tips for hanging wall groupings.}
We’re really enjoying the finished product.

And we have fun writing our favorite quotes
in the frames.

If you want to take a risk or 
do something daring,
paint is a great way to do it!
It’s relatively inexpensive & if you get tired
of it . . . you can just paint over it.

Thank you for having me Desirée.

Warmly, Michelle


Can I say that this project is pure awesomeness….
I am a chalkboard paint lover and this wall is a perfect example of why…
Michelle, your tutorial was great, your cute yellow cardigan is yummy, the placement of the frames was brilliant…
Thank you so much for sharing it all with us here at The 36th Avenue. 

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