Have you decorated for Halloween yet? I am showing  you today how to make a super cute, inexpensive  and easy garland, to motivate you all to start decorating for this fun coming  season.

Easy and inexpensive Pumpking Garland Tutorial by the36thavenue.com



Screw Driver.

Bobby Pin.

Acrylic Black Paint and brush.

Small Pumpkins.

{I found these little ones at my local Wal-Mart and the box came with 10 small pumpkins.

Perfect amount for this project. }



The first thing you want to do is paint the stems of the pumpkins.

If you want to change the ribbon and use the same pumpkins for Thanksgiving then don’t even worry about painting them.

You can even get creative.

Add polka dots, stripes… Have fun with it.


After they dry you are ready to make the holes in each pumpkin.

Because these are foam pumpkins the screw driver will go right through it with not much effort.



Now it is time to thread the ribbon through the holes.

I used a bobby pin to help me hold the ribbon and make this step easier.

Keep in mind the order  that you want the pumpkins in.

Before you know you are going to be done.


The last thing I did was to tie a bow at each end.

It looks cute and you can use the loop of the bow to hang your garland.

You are done my friend.

Hang it and enjoy it!

I used my garland to decorate an old window that it is in my kitchen.

I had the chance to previously share this tutorial over at Tatertots & Jello.

Have you seen all of the Halloween fun that Jen is having over there?

 Check out her kitchen decor and her adorable Halloween Ghost Wreath Tutorial.

Before you go make sure to take a final look at our old wooden window frame here.

I love the little polka dot witch on the free printable.


Thank you all for visiting with me today!



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