Today I am going to show you how you can stencil pretty much anything in less than a minute. I found these adorable  wood coasters at Target and I gave them a quick makeover using stencils and spray paint. I love how the gold patterns give them a modern chic look. 

 …here they are ready to use!

By the way if you want a non-alcoholic delicious drink for New Years

put some frozen berries inside of cold sparkly Apple Cider. I love this!

OK, back to how to make the coasters!

First place your stencil right on top of the surface you want to stencil.

I used for mine this polka dot Handmade Charlotte Stencil.

It is important that your surface is clean and oil free before you paint it since 

any paint will stick properly if you do this!


Then all you have to do is spray it!

If you want to avoid runs keep the spray paint at the advised distance that is listed on the can.

My favorite gold spray paint is Metallic Gold from Krylon. It has a rich tone that I love.

Before you know it you are going to be done.

This DIY project can be a bit addictive and you may want to stencil everything in your home.

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HERE you can see how it is to change the look of a spaghetti sauce jar
and give it a mirror-like look. This was so much fun to do!


Now I better go, my kitchen cabinets are finally here and hopefully by the end of the day

everything but the floor will be done… I can’t wait to give you a tour.

Wishing you all a Happy Day!