My craft room makeover is finally done… I know! It is about time don’t you think?  It has taken me around four months to finish it! I loved my old craft room so much but the space was getting too small so Matt transformed our covered patio into my new home office. Today I am sharing a little part of the craft room, let me show you one of my four workstations.

 Isn’t it fun?

I love the bright happy colors and how easy it is to find all of the basic things I need to create a project and a photo shoot.

I have to say that from all of the DIY projects that I have created over the years my DIY Peg Board is my very favorite.

I love how many things this simple board can hold and how organized but handy everything is.

Besides, I adore the color… it makes me happy!

 I originally made this board to hold my jewelry but with the new closet makeover I didn’t need it anymore.

This wall was the perfect space for it. You can find the step by step tutorial here.

Peg board accessories can get a bit expensive so be creative and use other items that you may have hanging around.

Metal baskets work perfect to store small items that you may have.

 I also love these light weight yellow plastic baskets that I found at my local Dollar Store.

So happy and bright!


I love using metal cans to hold brushes, scissors and many other craft supplies.

Click here to see the tutorial of how to change the look of a simple soup can

with spray paint and how to make it a floating can.

 OK, back to the workstation!

 The second item that makes this space so easy to work with is my new cart.

I found this cutie at Ikea and I love that it is super sturdy and that it has wheels.

I use it to hold my picture props. I love that I can move it to whatever area I am going to be shooting at

with the comfort of having what I need right there. 

Super cute and convenient!
Craft Room Workstation and Organization Tips.

Before you go I want to invite you to click here and see my diy pin board and the many DIY Accessories that I also made for my craft room using a tablecloth… It’s crazy what a bit of an awesome piece of fabric and some imagination can do for you!


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Thank you so much friends for hanging out with me today!