I am finally done with my kids’ bathroom makeover.

Bathroom Makeover and design tips. the36thavenue.com

I’m going to share today not just a tour of the bathroom but a few tips that may come in handy if you are thinking about giving your own bathroom a makeover. There were a few challenges with this bathroom. First how dark it was – Let me show you!

Bathroom Makeover and design tips. the36thavenue.com

Second, this is not just our kids bathroom but the only one besides the one in our room. I wanted it to be young but not childish since visitors use it all the time. I chose to use casual touches as pictures that reflect the bright personality of our children, and hanging towels right on the walls to give the space an informal and young feel.

Bathroom Makeover and design tips. the36thavenue.com

Bathroom Makeover and design tips. the36thavenue.com

I also used a mix of patterns and textures, as the stripes on the rug, the design of the shower curtain,

the big shelf all around the room and the two tone paint.

Elements like these really bring life into a space especially if you are not going to use bright colors.


There are no windows in this bathroom… none, zero, no natural light at all!

The color of the paint and the type of light bulbs had to be right in order to make it look bright.

Bathroom Makeover and design tips. the36thavenue.com

I used daylight fluorescent bulbs in this bathroom.

These are really bright, white  bulbs so you may want to stay in the 60 watt equivalent if you need to use multiple bulbs.

You may recognize the color of the paint from my hutch makeover.

You can click here for more info about it.

Hutch makeover. the36thavenue.com

This is a gorgeous blue that has a  gray undertone. So pretty!

There is a reason why I didn’t paint the entire wall blue.

Since the light reflects on the top part of the wall the bathroom became brighter against the white, imitating natural light.

Also, since this is a small space the fact of bringing the white all the way up makes the

ceiling look higher than what it actually is, making the bathroom feel more spacious.


There is not a lot of room for storage in this bathroom.

The solution was to hang the towels right on the wall and on the back of the door a shoe organizer.

There you can find the basic things that you would regularly need.

Bathroom Makeover and design tips. the36thavenue.com


Design Tips


If you are going to have a theme in any space keep in mind to not over do it.

Don’t cover the space with too much of anything, small touches here and there will do it.

For example inspired by the curtains and towels I picked the word Fly and a couple of little birdies.

Bathroom Makeover and design tips. the36thavenue.com

That was good enough!

I didn’t want to make the bathroom look like a bird cage.

Bathroom Makeover and design tips. the36thavenue.com

On the other hand the rest of the accessories are mostly classic and timeless to again

bring back a more grown up look.

Bathroom Makeover and design tips. the36thavenue.com

Make your house your home

The important thing is to create a space that belongs to you and your family, that makes you feel at home.

Incorporate in the design personal things such as photographs, keepsakes, or things that mean something to you.

For us something as simple as a word, in our case Fly, made this bathroom even inspiring.

Create a useful space

Use accessories that are useful,for example a laundry basket, towels, soap,

instead of things that are just there doing nothing but creating clutter.

Bathroom Makeover and design tips. the36thavenue.com


I can’t tell you how important and how much color and lighting can change the look of a room.

Are you ready to see what paint and light bulbs alone did for this bathroom?

Replacing the chocolate brown for this gorgeous blue made all the difference.

Bathroom Makeover and design tips. the36thavenue.com

I used this same color for my dining room hutch and I love it.

You can find the name of the paint here.

Hutch makeover and paint's name. the36thavenue.com

Crazy, isn’t it? Color makes you feel different. So when you are going to choose a paint color first think about how this color makes you feel and then go for it. So there you have it… next I will show you our Master Bedroom’s Bathroom!

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