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Abuelo {Part 2}

He told me  that many years ago my “abuelo” brought to his home a young man covered in dust, {sounds familiar?} dirty and hungry. My sassy grandma was not happy about it { she always made me laugh so hard, I have the...

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…Miss Organization

Just a few weeks ago I watched a video on Yahoo about a family that follows a lifestyle known as Zero Waste {if you want to watch it click here} The thing is that after seeing them I felt inspired to change some things around my...

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…Santa is Coming to TOWN!

So simple and easy to make!I used a cookie sheet from the Dollar $tore. I had this on my kitchen wall all Christmas long.. I even gave some away as  presents with a bag of homemade cookies on top. Check out the magnet… I...

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Tea Party!

…As one of our YW activities we decided to have a Tea Party for our secret Grandmothers. Here are some pictures of the invitations we made. I personally think they are sooooooooo cute…...

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  Not just 1… or 2… BUT 3 winners will be chosen. Why? To celebrate almost 800 “likes” on Facebook and almost 700 Amazing Followers on the blog.   GET OUT OF HERE! { never mind… stay } Here are the...

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…Notebook A+ T-SHIRT

What font did you use? Click HERE to download  the free PENCIL font. Can I purchase this from you? Yes, you can buy it from me I am selling this stencil for $5.75 including shipping.   To place an order all I...

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