First of all let me tell you that my project is just the first of many others that are coming your way
I am honored to be among so many talented Bloggers.
Here is what I came up with…
My Valentine’s Mirror.
My plan was a little bit different in the beginning since I was aiming for some type of cool frame.
This is what I used. An IKEA mirror-frame that I already had,
 DecoArt Paint, glue gun and Valentine’s plastic necklaces. 
The first thing I did was paint the frame in white.
{ TIP: I always use a garbage bag to protect my table,
then when I’m done I throw the craft mess away inside of it. }
After a few coats of paint I added one light coat of Silver Glamour Dust from DecoArt.
I love this stuff because you get to see the white through it under the silver glitter dust.
So pretty!
While the glue gun heated up I took the time to cut a bunch of necklaces that
I found over at Big Lots. I bet the Dollar Store will have something similar.



To get the right size all I did was to put the necklaces on top
and cut it in each corner.



I ended with this…



The last step was to glue it!
I wish the picture could show how much the silver dust actually shines…


Here is a closer look!
At this point I thought I was ready to put a picture or something on top of the mirror
since my first idea was to use it as a frame.
When I came back with some craft paper I saw Mimi looking at herself in the mirror.
She looked so cute… and this thought crossed my mind:
” Oh Mimi! I could look at you all day!
I have an idea!”
I cut some vinyl!
I added it to the mirror and the project was complete!
Of course every one of my children took a turn as soon as they came back from school.
Even my hubby took a look.
…Sometimes I wish my kids would never grow.
So sweet!
Now, this is just the beginning of the PARTY!
Cherished Bliss
{here is the schedule}
January 25 – February 7 — Awesome blogging tutorials
February 8 – 14 — Link Party and SUPER HUGE giveaway
February 15 – Giveaway winner announced, winner from the link party announced.
Thank you SO much Ashley for putting this
14 Days of Love together for us!
Cherished Bliss
I’ll see you tomorrow with some more love… 😉

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