Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!


Valentine Printable by the36thavenue.com


Do you have big plans for today? 



Are you guys doing anything special?

Here is some last minute printables if you forgot anyone…

Click on the link under each image to print.

 Valentine Printable by the36thavenue.com


8 x 10 in.love


My kids are giving these little ones away with bubble gum…


Wallet (9love


Wishing you all a sweet, lovely, happy day!




DIY Outdoor Sectional

...save a TON OF MONEY and make your own!


18 Responses to Share the love + Free Printable.

  1. kendall says:

    Awe, I just watched his video! I hope he gets lots of views to make his Valentine’s Day special!


  2. Kathy says:

    This is so cool! He did a good job typing it too.

  3. Amy & Lisa says:

    Neat!! Reminds me of a time my family visited our California friends and they took us four-wheeling. :)

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