I know you are waiting to see my kitchen and you will see it this week as soon as I am done taking pictures.

However here are two little projects that are part of a bigger project that will be coming soon also.

It feels like I am never going to be done with our home!



I made this number sign with some leftover back board that I had from the kitchen.

 It took me just a few minutes to do.



I showed you on my Facebook page these awesome fabrics…




 Here is how I have used some of it…



I love the colors!


Now… what do you think all of these accesories will be a part of ?



Take a guess!

 Happy Monday!




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18 Responses to Number Sign and Pillows.

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  2. Melanie says:

    my guesss is for your kitchen shelves!? Your pillows are so cute, and the purse too!! I WISH I COULD SEW:(

  3. Sherry says:

    How did you make the sign?

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