Before I show you my hutch I want to thank you for the sweet comments you guys left me during the weekend on my Arise post. 

I love my readers! I appreciate your kindness and I hope you know it.


Now, let me show you the hutch!

Hutch makeover and paint's name.


 The key to finding amazing and great thrifty deals on second hand furniture is patience.

Every week for the last five months I have been looking for the perfect piece for my dining room.

When I found this baby at my local thrift store I said to myself this is it!

I have to admit that the $15 price tag did help

and the fact that I didn’t have to do a lot to it was a plus.

A little paint, removing the center frame on the hutch and adding some straight molding to the front was pretty much all we did.


I used two colors and two different paint brands.

The outside was painted with Cotton Blossom by Dutch Boy.

This is perhaps the best quality paint I have ever used.

The smooth texture and coverage of this paint is just unbelievable and it dosen’t smell at all.

The color of the paint dries as a clean pearl tone, not yellowish or tan but more like an antique white.


I have used this paint for a lot of the furniture makeovers that you will be seeing in the next few weeks.


I love the color of the inside of the hutch.

The color of the paint is 5002-3A Distant Valley by Valspar. You can find them at Lowes.


The Finished Hutch

I painted the table the same color as the outside of the hutch and I  left the original wood on the top to give  some dimension.     


I also left the orginal knobs since I love how they look and besides… knobs are pricey.

To bring the same wood tones to the hutch I added some little wood accents here and there.


Sometimes the smallest details can make a HUGE difference!



… I have a thing for corks.


The rest of the accesories were my own dishes…

They are not fancy… actually my plates came from the Dollar Store but I love the white clean design that completes the  look that I was trying to accomplish.


Now that the hutch is done I am working on the rest of the dining room.

Hopefully I will have it ready by next week.

Here is a little sneak peek!



Oh the sweet little things….


…that make a house…


 …a home.


There you have it!

I hope you like it!



Before you go take a look of our kitchen cabinets and kitchen makeover.

It is amazing what paint can do!



I hope you stay in touch…

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53 Responses to My New Old Hutch

  1. Ann says:

    Love the hutch, but I really want to ask about the table under the hutch. Where did you find it? I have an old china cabinet, so the hutch would be too much with that. But the table would work great. Thanks for any info!

  2. Joyce says:

    I have just spent a good chunk of the afternoon drooling….I mean looking at all of the pictures of your dining room. It is a wonderful space and now I know why I love the colors you chose. My dining room walls are painted with Valspar Distant Valley and I love the dreaminess of the color.
    I’ve enjoyed visiting today.

  3. Roeshel says:

    Beautiful rescue, Desiree! Wow! And your styling and decorating makes everything look lovelier!

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