Just las night we made as a family our traditional Nutcracker Village…



As I was looking at my children full of excitement building up their little ginger bread houses I was reminded of why I love Christmas so much…

I love the sweet feeling that comes with it.

I love the music that fills the air with memories and the sparkle in my kids’ eyes that magically takes me back to my own childhood.

I realized how BIG these small moments are when I felt that their tiny hands were not just  building a village but they were building up my heart.



Christmas to me is a memory that lasts forever and gets bigger each year.

It is a time of celebration, a time for family, for thankful hearts, a time of laughter and a time of remembrance.

Tonight while looking at my children I thought of my Savior…

I tried to picture him as a child and imagine those tender moments where Mary and Joseph saw him building a Kingdom of his own.

I hope I never forget how perfect every child is in there own way and how precious is the power inside of them to dream, to explore, to believe, to build…


{ Here are our little ones’ creations… }





If I tell you the truth I hope I never allow myself to forget the child inside of me and my own right to dream,

to explore to believe and build…


… We have just six days before Christmas.

It is my personal goal to build something this week.

Perhaps to build up someone else’s self-esteem with a simple compliment,

perhaps build up someone’s hope with a tender act of kindness,

perhaps build up my own heart as I openly embrace more deeply the spirit of Christmas.

My children taught me last night how much a little moment with those we love can build…



Wishing You a Sweet Sunday.

Merry Christmas my Friends!







4 Responses to More than a Christmas Village.

  1. Erna says:

    Beautiful family time. I wish more parents did stuff like this. Mess? Yes! Took lots of time? Yes! But priceless fun memories. Kudos to you.

  2. Jone says:

    That is awasome! I love it.


  3. this post brings me smiles and tears! may the child in all of us stay alive and building is on my agenda as it is yours…keeping that Christmas spirit of giving and kindness is something that we should aim to have 24/7/365!!! : ) thank you for sharing your love and heart and opening your doors to us…know that you are loved and appreciated…sending Holiday hugs…

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