My Powder Room is almost done!
Let me show you where the inspiration came from…
I am sure yo have seen  this box of
Rose Soap Petals
at your local Dollar Tree before…
Well, this is what I envisioned when I first saw it…
…a flower ball
All I did was open each rose, separate the petals…
…and pin them close together
one by one.
{I got the foam balls @ the Dollar Store as well}

In the end I had the first accessory in my new
Powder Room.
I am loving the Dollar Store.
By the way it smells delicious!
Thank You For Visitng!


Best Donut Holes EVER!


69 Responses to Soap Ball Tutorial

  1. Jean says:

    I have spent the last 3 hrs in the ER and I am loving your site. Beautiful ideas. I have a group of ladies who all create baby quilts,hats & boogies and we don ate to our local hospital and I love to make them unexpected gifts. 4 absolutely no reason. I will be making the rose balls soon. Thanks

  2. noorain says:


    I love your website and your tutorials and surely you are doing a great job! keep it up and keep inspiring :)
    Can you also tell me did you customized your website on your own or you hired someone?

    Take care,
    xx Noor

    • Desiree says:

      First of all thank you so much for your sweet comment… I designed and customized my blog, it took me sometime but if I did it anyone can!

  3. Am Koch says:

    I love these, and pinned this on Pinterest some time ago. I am making them now, for an additional Mother’s Day gift. I pinned a ribbon onto it as well in case they may want to hang it somewhere.

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