Dollar Store Christmas Village

For years my kids have been asking me to get for them a little Christmas Village… and I haven’t.

The reason why is because the cool ones are extremely expensive

 and the cheap ones are 15 dollars a house.  NO WAY! 

But this year the Dollar Store made it possible!

I made their little dream come true when I found the perfect little Village during a trip to my local Dollar Store.

The price was amazing since we got the entire village { houses, people and trees } for $15.00… the price of one house…

but I was still not crazy about the colors and look.

Check out their poor faces! It looked like some of them were having a bad make-up day .

So this is what I did to improve the situation.

I got the spray paint out and gave the Village and its people a little makeover with a light coat of paint.

I did not go crazy with it… just enough spray paint to cover the imperfections and still see the original colors through the paint.

I was surprise with what a huge difference such a simple step made.

Here is a closer look..

With the help of a small amount of acrylic paint mixed with water, I touched up some areas { as the trees and doors } to bring a little more color out.

After I was happy with the overall look I used Krylon Glitter Blast Spray { I love this stuff } to add some sparkle to the Village…

It is Christmas after all!


I let everything dry and I was done… our Village looked perfect to us!

So with the help of our sweet children we put it all together.

This was my favorite part… the kids were so excited!

This is how it looks at night…

The children love the sparkle from the glitter and I love the sparkle in their eyes.

I will take  some more pictures in the morning so you can really see how cute they look but now I better go… this girl is going shopping today!

Have a FUN BLACK Friday!

See you tomorrow during STICKER TIME!


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35 Responses to DIY Dollar Store Christmas Village

  1. Angela says:

    Love it.

  2. Vannessa says:

    This is just perfect. i would love to make my own little village ! i am, however, a little hesitant on the
    “a small amount of acrylic paint mixed with water, I touched up some areas …”
    is there a specific color that were used, such as green for trees, red for the brick on the homes? This may be a silly question, but thanks ! & you did an excellent job!

    • Jennifer says:

      i didn’t spray paint mine.. I just mixed some white acrylic paint with water and brushed it on. Dabbed areas with a sponge brush where I wanted less paint. Mine turned out really cute!

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