Today I am sharing my newest free printable. Before I show you though, let me ask you a few questions? Are you following @the36thavenue on Instagram? You what? You are not? Well, let me tell you that you want to click HERE and follow along! Why? Let me first show you our Free Party Printable

Free Party Printable Brown

One more design!

Free Printable : LIFE is a PARTY... Do not invite Party Poopers!

Isn’t it fun? 

Yesterday I shared a picture with this comment on Instagram:

“…I always tell my kids “life is a PARTY, make sure you don’t invite to yours any party-poopers!#carconversations “

@the36thavenue on Instagram

Minutes later I received a few emails asking me to make a printable of it. Of course our readers wishes are my own so the printable was born!

You can click HERE to print it!

Free Printable : LIFE is a PARTY... Do not invite Party Poopers!

This Printable is for Personal Use ONLY

Click HERE to Print The Flower Party Printable


This Printable is for Personal Use ONLY

Now, here are a few reasons why you should follow The 36th Avenue on Instagram.

1. Because you are an inspiration.

2. Because we have a lot of fun there.

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 Thank you so much for visiting with me today!



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