My problem has a name and it is: Target.
Why can’t I go there and just enjoy the view?
No. I have to get something.
The colors… the price… my head that can’t stop making things UP!

And this week  it didn’t help that while visiting the store I remembered
the gorgeous fabric that I had received in the mail just a few days before.
Before I knew it I was in trouble, praying for every light to be green on the way back home.
It was time… TIME to make some Kitchen Towel Pillows.
So, this is how we did it…
I cut a bunch of triangles and sewed them together
so both sides would look good.
I traced where I wanted the little banner to be
and I pinned the triangles and the ribbon to the pillows.
At this point I ended with something like this…
Don’t you love the colors? I do!
Rubbed it, transferred it, placed it and after applying the paint peeled it away…
3rd {and a half}
I called in the reinforcements… Anni helped with the paint part.
{REMEMBER tap… tap… tap…}
If you were in my home at this point you would  have heard her saying:
“I KnOw mamá”
More reinforcement time to sew and put everything together.
Saydi took care of the hand stitching….
…while I took care of the sewing machine.
It was time to hear each other say…

We filled up the pillow cases
and instantly they came alive.
{It’s funny how the same thing happens with our hearts…
more we fill them with the right “batting”
more alive they become}
soooo happy!
So, let’s take a minute… let’s sit down for a second and think about the donut instead of the hole…
Let’s think of the blessing,  of the people that love us, of the beauty of this world we all share.
Let’s think about Hot Chocolate and beautiful shoes ;)
What I am trying to say is….
Life is too short…  therefore we should
Enjoy The Ride!

The beauty of vinyl stencils is that you can use them any surface… Look how good it looks on wood!

Thank you for stopping by today!

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138 Responses to Enjoy the Ride!

  1. Yelmarie says:


    The pillows are lovely, I was wondering if you customize them with a different wording, picture and sell them as well?

  2. T says:

    Love the stencil! I have been looking for bike ideas. Thank you!!
    Very cute pillows!

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