As I mentioned a few days ago we have a few birthdays coming up this month.

I am especially excited about my Anni’s birthday.

She is having a Pajamas Late Night Owl Party

and of course we have to have milk and donuts as part of it.




For the longest time I have been tempted to purchase those super cute little milk bottles that I see all over the place.

 Being Mrs. Thrifty Me I could not make myself to do so.

I wanted to give a try to transform the small Starbucks jugs  into mini milk bottles

and I am here to tell you that this took me just a few minutes.

I made 12 bottles for a little over $12… now that I can handle.



I ended up using these Archer Farm bottles because they were on sale.


Let me show you…



I peeled off the plastic wrapper.

Time: About 10 seconds.




I spray painted the lid.

Time: About 30 seconds.



While the lid was drying I poured out the latte, { we don’t drink coffee in our home } washed the small bottle and I poured some milk in.

I put the lid back on, tied some baker’s twine around it, and I  placed the straw in place.

Time: About 150 seconds.


As easy as one, two, three!


In about 3 minutes and for about $1… not bad!

These small milk bottles are adorable and perfect for any breakfast.



Give it a try!

Now I better go… I have an Anniversary to celebrate!

I hope to see you all this evening at 6:30pm during the Link Party!





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47 Responses to DIY Small Milk Bottles

  1. Allyson says:

    Thank you for this blog!! I went to Target and although they don’t carry Archer farms lattes due to their contract with Starbucks, the Starbucks bottles worked great and I found a $1 off coupon per 4 pack!!! So much better than ordering the ones I saw online… Thank you, thank you!!!

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