DIY Stamped Necklaces Tutorial. These washer necklaces are perfect for gifts and easy to customized! 
How to stamped and make washer necklaces. Tutorial at


 I have the blessing to be part of a great organization inside of the church I belong to; called Young Women.
The theme for the girls {age 12 to 17} this year is “believe”.
I’ve been thinking a lot during the last six months about such a simple word
and what it means to me…
However it was during this weekend that I found myself thinking more deeply about it
while working on these little necklaces that I was making for our girls…
So please forgive me if you came visiting looking for a craft or just a cool tutorial
 because I am afraid that today what you are getting instead  is a piece of my heart…
These are the tools I used to make the necklaces:
My sweet friend Bonnie’s Steel Stamping Set, Hammer {the poor thing has seen better days},
Sharpie and a cleaning rag.
Your choice size washers.
1/8″ Steel Stamps. You can find them HERE.
Chain and Embellishments. I found both of mine at WalMart.
The first thing I did was stamp the washers.
For this I used the 1/8″ steel stamps and a hammer.
I learned that it works better if you do it on a solid surface like concrete.
Just hammer the stamps pretty hard three o four times to engrave the letters on the washer.
Watch OUT for your fingers…
After I had stamped the washers
they looked like this…
Next step was give them some character…
All I used to do this was a sharpie.
…and after I just cleaned the excess
with a damp cloth.
This is how they looked at this point.
Last thing was to assemble the necklace…
…love them!
Now I am warning you that there are no more pictures and that the crafty part is done,
next comes the thoughts that crossed my mind while working on this project…
you can stop reading NOW if you don’t want to know 😉
If you are still reading, here is a piece of my heart:
 I have learned during my life that unfortunately
there is not a tutorial for believing…
there are not specific tools,
 materials or steps that make us believe.
However there is a magic in doing so,
when we believe in ourselves, in others, in a better world in a Father above…
when we believe in love, friendship and tender mercies…
when we believe in people, in human kindness, in doing good,
when we believe in the better part… something happens:
As these stamps engraved the letters in these washers…
hope, joy, faith and true happiness gets engraved in our hearts.
When we believe the impossible cease to exist…
and the world around us becomes a better one,
not because it has change but because we have”
So I want my girls to know that I BELIEVE!
The End!
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