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Tutorial: Painting Fabric Using Vinyl Templates.

…First of all I want to thank all of you for the great response to my entry, specially thanks to Jen from  tatertots & jello   for sharing my totes on her FB Page… Here is the tutorial of how to paint fabric  using vinyl as a template.   This is what you’ll need to create your own tote: fabric paint, vinyl template, flat brush, and your tote. Ready? Here we go…   1.   Iron the tote… {I found mine at WalMart in the craft aisle. They cost me $6 for a package of 3} If you don’t have a vinyl machine the cost of the vinyl for a 13×13 tote is between $8 and $12 (depending of the design)     2.   Rub the back of your stencil to transfer the entire vinyl to the CLEAR TRANSFER PAPER. Carefully and slowly peel off the squared paper.       2. Place and center your vinyl on the tote as you would do on any other surface. I use clear transfer paper for my vinyl, that way it is really easy for me to see where I am placing my template.         3. Remove the transfer paper and take a few seconds to press with your finger along the edges to make sure the paint won’t go under the template.       4.  I like to place the backing paper of the vinyl inside of the...

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Teacher’s Tote Appreciation Gift!

 I‘ve been thinking for some weeks now what could I give my children’s teachers for their appreciation gift this year. After looking for some ideas online I came across the cutest totes made by Jen from Tatertots and Jello {click here if you want to see her fabulous work} Her totes inspired me to make some of my own for the three wonderful ladies that teach my children everyday a lot more than their ABCs…     I love the fact that the children got to help me choose the colors  and even  make them… this  made this little project even more personal and...

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Abuelo {Part 2}

He told me  that many years ago my “abuelo” brought to his home a young man covered in dust, {sounds familiar?} dirty and hungry. My sassy grandma was not happy about it { she always made me laugh so hard, I have the spunk of  my Abuela Ramona} and told my Grandpa that he had to STOP bringing people over that he didn’t know… {my mom is just like her dad} “One day – grandma said – something is going to be stolen” According to this gentlemen my grandpa’s answer was… ” Ramona… Ramona… Thing are just things…. they come and they go.” So in the end the young man stayed in the house and spent the night there. My grandpa was a fisherman, so he left as he normally did before sunrise to throw the nets  and when he came back early morning he found at his home a police officer that our family knew well { I am talking about a little village } holding the young men by the arm and my grandma ready to prove her point. The first words Abuela said were pretty much a repetition from the night before… “I told you Marcial… I have told you ONE Thousand  TIMES… that one day something was going to get stolen” My grandpa look at the table were the police officer pointed to a trophy that this young man had stolen from the great collection...

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…Miss Organization

Just a few weeks ago I watched a video on Yahoo about a family that follows a lifestyle known as Zero Waste {if you want to watch it click here} The thing is that after seeing them I felt inspired to change some things around my house and the word SIMPLIFY became instantly more appealing to me. I looked around and I realized that I could be more organized and perhaps it was time to clean up… starting with my personal space and stuff. So here are some of the things I came up with… 1. File with Style: Here are some of the pictures of my first project which was to reuse some old files and give them a makeover with scrapbook paper that I had already. These are all the items that I used for my project…. …before …and after It took me less than an hour to finish this project… …In the end three bags of paper or a four drawer file cabinet ended inside of this file box. Pretty cool if you ask me ☺! …I got the file box @ TARGET I made it my own with vinyl. 2. Use and Re-USE!  So, as I was taking a Soup-Break from  working on my almost done sanctuary… the “Make It Happen Room”, I thought this little  Soup Can needed a cute makeover {after all it wasn’t Campbell’s but Progresso’s Soup}...

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…Santa is Coming to TOWN!

So simple and easy to make!I used a cookie sheet from the Dollar $tore. I had this on my kitchen wall all Christmas long.. I even gave some away as  presents with a bag of homemade cookies on top. Check out the magnet… I personally love the vintage feeling of it! {click HERE to see more} And the winner is…. Courtney: newsgirl  Courtneysays: November 14, 2011 at 9:11 am  I love everything about the season.  The celebration of our Savior’s birth, the time spent with family, being thankful for our blessings and the opportunity to give.   Please email me your shipping address at  SUBJECT:...

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Tea Party!

…As one of our YW activities we decided to have a Tea Party for our secret Grandmothers. Here are some pictures of the invitations we made. I personally think they are sooooooooo cute…...

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  Not just 1… or 2… BUT 3 winners will be chosen. Why? To celebrate almost 800 “likes” on Facebook and almost 700 Amazing Followers on the blog.   GET OUT OF HERE! { never mind… stay } Here are the STENCILS…   CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS! #74: Kassandra @ Coffee and their Kisses said: I tweeted this   #3 BizzyMom said… “And yes.. I like you on Facebook 🙂 “   #59 Labix said… “Following on FB” Congratulations! Please email me your shipping address in the next 72 hours in order to claim your prize.the36thavenue@yahoo.comSubject: Giveaway...

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…Notebook A+ T-SHIRT

What font did you use? Click HERE to download  the free PENCIL font. Can I purchase this from you? Yes, you can buy it from me I am selling this stencil for $5.75 including shipping.   To place an order all I need is the quantity and the email address where you want PayPal to send you the invoice for it. After you receive the invoice from PayPal just follow their directions and I will mail your order 2 to 3 days after receiving  payment confirmation from them. Easy! Can you make the stencil custom? Yes, I can! If you don’t have a child with an “A” name you can just do “x” is for… {the name of your child}  or A+ Student {cute}… Make sure you send me your custom info if you are purchasing the stencil from me.  Here is my email address: Thank you so much! 99231048474-5360256163680616757?” alt=””...

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