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Home Decor – DIY Bench Makeover

  Once upon a time there were two cute little benches that I’ve had forever. Here is a picture of how the benches used to look in the beginning and the steps I took to make them look adorable!      Te first thing I did was paint the bench white.       Then I antiqued  it using my good friend the sander.   I applied the vinyl stencils that I had previously made in place and I peeled off the transfer paper. …So here they are my number 1 and TWO Stencil!         Time to paint! Remember that it is always safer...

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DIY Subway Sign

    So you know how a few days ago I told you that I was working on a HUGE subway sign. Well, here it is, THE MOTHER of all SUBWAY signs! { It is almost 5 feet tall… I know that because I am 5′ tall and this is one of the few things that I can look eye to eye}  Now you may wonder WHAT is UP with all the places. For your info we have moved 13 times in 13 years of  happy marriage. Our journey began in the heart of my beautiful Madrid, Spain. {If you could hear me speak, you...

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Subway Sign Mini Tutorial

Materials: Board. Paint.& Brush. Vinyl Template. After painting the board in black making this sign was as easy as 1, 2, 3… 1. After designing and cutting the vinyl I peeled the letters out to use the vinyl as a template or stencil. 2. I placed the vinyl on top of the board and I pressed around the edges to prevent paint going under it. 3. I painted it tapping instead of brushing to prevent once again  any leaking of paint under the vinyl. Then it was time to remove the vinyl from the board and let the sign come alive… …That’s...

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My Anni’s Paper Beads and Bracelet ;)

Hi! My name is Anni and this week we are doing a lot of activities in my classroom at school. One of my favorite ones has been making paper beads. This is how I made my own beads at home…   You’ll need… Mod Podge Glue, Magazines, Straws, Brush and Scissors.   First, cut colorful paper in a long triangle shape from any magazine you have.   Second, add glue to the inside of the paper and roll it around the straw starting with the widest end to the point of the triangle.   After the triangle is rolled paint the outside of the...

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Sticker Time 1

Well.. well.. well…Here we go again.It is STICKER time! After “carefully studying” each project with my daughters we decided to give the to Lynda from Something Created Everydayfor her colorful and original wreath. I am in love with the fact that the flowers are made from old patterns… Oh, the details! You must check out her tutorial. We also gave Lynda the… for her FABULOUS IDEA of creating fabric fortune cookies!I am so making this for my husband’s Birthday. We gave Jennifer fromThe Toy Box Years the… for how sweet and personal her Year-End Teacher Gift is.I l♥ve the fact that it shows all the children in Nani’s class.Thoughtful and ADORABLE!   So, we did it again we have a number four.We gave the…to Lauren from West Furniture Revivalfor her bluelicious $4.99 Medicine Cabinet.Yuuummy! …And of course I want to thank you all for sharing your projects on my humble link party… it means a LOT to me 😉 Don’t forget to button up if you were featured and I will see you tonight at theShare your AwesomenessLink...

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Happy Birthday Anni!

…We had a GARDEN BIRTHDAY PARTY at our house this past weekend! In Oregon you never know when it is going to rain , so we decided to bring the outdoors into the indoors of our home, having our backyard as the background of the party.   For decorations the girls helped me cut a bunch of butterflies from paper  that we had around the house… { We ♥ butterflies}  First I traced the outline of the cuties making three different sizes… …Then we spent some girl time together re-tracing and cutting tons of butterflies. You probably can go to the store and get some… but then...

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Soap Ball Tutorial

My Powder Room is almost done! Let me show you where the inspiration came from…   I am sure yo have seen  this box of Rose Soap Petals at your local Dollar Tree before… Well, this is what I envisioned when I first saw it…   …a flower ball   All I did was open each rose, separate the petals…   …and pin them close together one by one. {I got the foam balls @ the Dollar Store as well}   In the end I had the first accessory in my new Powder Room. I am loving the Dollar Store.   By the way it smells...

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Party TIME!

Share your Awesomeness! You know what to do… if you made it share it! Button up and let others know that they can party here! Have fun and inspire me to make a new sticker 😉 … { remember to link to your specific post, not your main blog… so we can know what it is that you want to show us} …I am going to be the first one showing off this week. Check out my  Pine Wood Derby First Place Winner… He was so excited. I l♥ve you Devin!   {the link Party will be open until Saturday...

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Color 101

   PART ONE: {A little bit @ a time}   Color…CoLoR… COLOR The great thing about color is that it can make anything, and I mean anything pop with fun, boldness, character and personality. Sadly, I think people in general are scared of color… Let me explain… I believe most of us LOVE color when we see it but when the time comes to apply it, the reality is that we can be a little intimidated by that screaming canary yellow… picture source     or the delicious lime green… {picture source} and lets not say anything about the new pink… the HOT turquoise 😉  picture source  I am sure that many  of you out there have said more than once:  “Oh, I love that BUT {I hate the word BUT} I could NEVER pull it off? “   Well… I am going to try to change that expression for… “Oh, I love that AND {so much better} I am going to make it my own!    Let me share with you today my FIRST personal rule in decor.   1} Dare to try! {I’m warning you however…, after you taste color you cannot stop} An easy way to welcome color into your home is with accessories such as pillows and  throws… Check out these ones by Jen from Tatertots and Jello I love the explosion of color, texture and boldness on her pillows. …a closer look...

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Over The Weekend News: May . 23rd . 2011

1} I got a beautiful old white coverlet for FREE on Friday… {I love Grandmas}That was a great way to start the weekend. Did you find any good deals? 2} I learned on Saturday that sadly my local Cold Stone doesn’t have white chocolate or oatmeal ice-cream… Why…? {wuaaaa} picture source 3} My  daughter informed me that the Tooth Fairy didn’t show up. What is wrong with that Tooth Fairy? Does she have four kids or something?  🙁 4} I made a pretty little thing from two items from the Dollar $tore… I will show it to you on my Powder Room reveal later on this week. The color? PINK 5} Our Red Robin’s waiter gave my Campfire Sauce to the table next to us…  No, no, no, no,no,no… Mister.  Don’t mess with my Campfire Sauce! If you have never had it try this homemade version of it: 1 cup mayonnaise. 1 cup barbecue sauce, use Hickory Honey Sweet Baby Ray’s brand 1 teaspoon dried chipotle powder 6} My street had a community yard sale.  Here are some pictures. This was a lot of fun! 7} I got a few things ready for my Anni’s Birthday Party on Friday… I can’t wait to see my girl blow out her 9 candles. 8} I got a giant chocolate chip cookie on a stick {I love you Brother and Sister Lindsay} after Church on Sunday… Oh, life is good! 9} Thank you to all of you...

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