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Over The Weekend News: Monday, 20th 2011

What a crazy weekend… LOTS to do! I am so glad to have Sundays as a day to rest, to STOP, to just hang out with my family and take a nap on the trampoline with the love of my life… I wish I had a picture of that! BUT I have a picture of my babe’s Father’s Day dinner… Heck yeah!  Those are 10 lbs. of Mama’s BBQ Chicken Wings for you… …We love you Papa! ……………………………………. …Now, if you were here last Monday you may be thinking “THERE is NO way that she lost any weight after this dinner…” Here is last week’s DAY-ONE picture for you. And here is the picture of Week ONE… SEVEN days later 🙂 HOW cool is THAT! My goal this week is to be under 120… I haven’t been there for over a year and a half… So here is what I learned this week about weight loss. 1. WATER, WATER, WATER… Thank you to Mel M. M. Mc.Carthyfor your comment: “You can do it with the weight. I’m no pro 😉 but my BFF Kim is & she swears by water water water.” 2. Having a GOOD breakfast made all the difference… Oatmeal made with skim milk and with a bit of cinnamon is one of my favorites. 3. REMEMBER: Every time the desire of eating the big NO NO’S came to...

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Enjoy the Ride!

…My problem has a name and it is: Target. Why can’t I go there and just enjoy the view? No. I have to get something. The colors… the price… my head that can’t stop making things UP!  Before I knew it I was in trouble, praying for every light to be green on the way back home. It was time… TIME to make some Kitchen Towel Pillows. So, this is how we did it…    And this week  it didn’t help that while visiting the store I remembered the gorgeous fabric that I had received in the mail just a few days before.     MATERIALS  ...

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Party Time {6}

Share your Awesomeness! You know what to do… If you made it share it!  PLEASE Button up and let others know that they can party here! Have fun and inspire me to create a new STICKER😉 <center><a href=”” target=”_blank”><img alt=”36th Avenue” src=””/></a></center> … { remember to link to your specific post, not your main blog… so we can know what it is that you want to show us} When you are done you can click HERE to check out the top four projects from last...

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Share YOUR Awesomeness: Sticker Time {6}

…Is it just me or are the days flying by?  I can’t believe it is almost already Wednesday and time to party again. To feature your projects is  one of my favorite things to do… since my family helps me to choose the features of the week. In this house we l♥ve to eat, so we gave… to The Lady Behind the Curtain  for the cutest “treasure box” EVER. I want one of these…  I’m telling you girls, my son’s birthday is coming up and this  delicious rice crispy icecreams are going to be the star of the party for sure… LOVE it! Next we are giving the… to Sahm from Vixen Made for the funnest little accessory EVER. I can picture my Mimi playing with this all day. This will be one of my summer project 😉 ADORABLE! We chose to give the… to Kellianne from Tinkeranniebelle for her FABULOUS headbands… The colors are YUMMY! ♥ the hair too… so cute! The… goes to Vanessa from Nifty Thrifty Things for her Sugar Cubes… Don’t you think they would be perfect for a Tea Party? Very Sweet! The… goes to Cedar Hill Ranch for her Porch REDO. I could have breakfast, lunch and dinner here… What a dream! …how romantic. The NEW… goes to Michelle NOT Shelly  for my favorite entry of last week… so simple, so clever, so YOU-nique… so perfect! …As always thank...

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Shut UP it is sunny!

…That was the first thing I said yesterday morning, my second one : Where are my brushes? Oh my… I am so happy about this one! Well, hopefully you remember my New Old Desk… THE Roll Top Desk, here is a picture just in case. Something you didn’t know about it is that the  ROLL TOP part was never back on the desk. I just left the desk without it…as a matter of  fact, it has been on my deck since the day I finished the desk… Poor thing 🙁  UNTIL YESTERDAY! CHECK THIS OUT LAAAAADIES! First I added some...

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Let’s Party {5}

Share your Awesomeness! You know what to do… If you made it share it! PLEASE Button up and let others know that they can party here! <center><a href=”” target=”_blank”><img alt=”36th Avenue” src=””/></a></center> Have fun and inspire me to…  ignore the laundry for a while 😉 { remember to link to your specific post, not your main blog… so we can know what it is that you want to show...

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Home Decor – DIY Bench Makeover

  Once upon a time there were two cute little benches that I’ve had forever. Here is a picture of how the benches used to look in the beginning and the steps I took to make them look adorable!      Te first thing I did was paint the bench white.       Then I antiqued  it using my good friend the sander.   I applied the vinyl stencils that I had previously made in place and I peeled off the transfer paper. …So here they are my number 1 and TWO Stencil!         Time to paint! Remember that it is always safer...

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DIY Subway Sign

    So you know how a few days ago I told you that I was working on a HUGE subway sign. Well, here it is, THE MOTHER of all SUBWAY signs! { It is almost 5 feet tall… I know that because I am 5′ tall and this is one of the few things that I can look eye to eye}  Now you may wonder WHAT is UP with all the places. For your info we have moved 13 times in 13 years of  happy marriage. Our journey began in the heart of my beautiful Madrid, Spain. {If you could hear me speak, you...

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Subway Sign Mini Tutorial

Materials: Board. Paint.& Brush. Vinyl Template. After painting the board in black making this sign was as easy as 1, 2, 3… 1. After designing and cutting the vinyl I peeled the letters out to use the vinyl as a template or stencil. 2. I placed the vinyl on top of the board and I pressed around the edges to prevent paint going under it. 3. I painted it tapping instead of brushing to prevent once again  any leaking of paint under the vinyl. Then it was time to remove the vinyl from the board and let the sign come alive… …That’s...

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My Anni’s Paper Beads and Bracelet ;)

Hi! My name is Anni and this week we are doing a lot of activities in my classroom at school. One of my favorite ones has been making paper beads. This is how I made my own beads at home…   You’ll need… Mod Podge Glue, Magazines, Straws, Brush and Scissors.   First, cut colorful paper in a long triangle shape from any magazine you have.   Second, add glue to the inside of the paper and roll it around the straw starting with the widest end to the point of the triangle.   After the triangle is rolled paint the outside of the...

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