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EXTRAORDINARY Guest: Chalkboard & Art Wall.

Hi, I’m Michelle from  Faith, Trust, & Pixie Dust & I’m thrilled to be a guest at one of my favorite places The 36th Avenue! My blog is about sharing creative ideas & making life special for the people I love. I’d like to share one of my favorite projects with you – My Chalkboard/Art Wall. Most of these beautiful frames belonged  to our dear Mom Lunt.{I found them when we were cleaning out her garage & I wanted to do something special with them.} AND I’ve always wanted a chalkboard wall! A lot of my inspiration for this came from the wonderful blog Isabella and Max Rooms. Using this Benjamin Moore Chalkboard paint &“Super Doo-Z” lint-free roller worked like a dream.First, I painted around the edges with a brush,then rolled the middle. It only took 2 coats!The paint has to cure for 3 days!WHAT!?! {Waiting was the hardest part of this project!}Everything I’ve read about painting something with chalksuggests preparing the surface – before actually writing on it –by covering it with chalk.FUN! All of my frames were gold with a very “orangey” cast. Since I wanted a feeling of a mix of metallic finishes,  I used a sponge paint brush &lightly painted over some of the frames with  a platinum color using this product . . .  I am an interior designer, so I’ve had lots of experience  hanging pictures. When hanging a grouping, I usually ...

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I’m a wife to one awesome guy & mom to 5 wild & crazy kiddos.I love to create things, blog, garden, decorate & most of all be with my family. I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years, & I love keeping a journal of my family,but I thought our family blog was getting a little overrun with all my craftiness.So, I decided it was time to part ways & start my very own craft blog,Ginger Snap Crafts. ūüôāIt’s a place to share ideas I’ve found, &inspire you to create along with me. Today I’m going to show you how to make these {cute & easy} burp cloths.Just letting you know I don’t sew!So if I can make these anyone can!  I made these for my sister, & she just had another little girl.Love the girly colors! All you’ll need is some ribbon, thread, cloth diapers & a sewing machine.Lay out your cloth diaper and measure two ribbons a little longer than the diaper.You can always trim these later on. These will be sewn along each seam of your diaper.Pin your ribbon down along the seams of your cloth diaper to hold it in place.Now the fun part.  You get to crank up your sewing machine!  You’ll sew down one side, turn & then sew up the other side.Trim your ribbon if you need to.There you go!  All done!{How easy is that?}  Then fold them up & stack...

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EXTRAORDINARY Ideas: For the Home

I am going to be completely selfish and share with you today my kind of style… All of these ideas and projects came from this week’s link party, so I have to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your talent… YOU TRULY INSPIRE ME! ~ SO Old… SO New… ~  I am going to start with this incredible piece of art from  It’s Just Me. What is here not to love? The stamping on this table is incredibly well done… and the EXTREME distressing makes my heart beat to the rhythm of greatness… So old… so new… so me… Another “stamped project” were these fantastic  pillows… by Candace Creations I am amazed by the technique she used and grateful for the great tutorial… These pillows bring me memories of my childhood, of my grandfather’s boat, of his little village… Love it so much! Now these two nesting tables from The Quaint Cottage are not just ADORABLE but HANDMADE… I am talking here about measuring, cutting and nailing wood to make the tables even before painting and distressing… My favorite part is that she shared how to make them…Thank YOU SO MUCH! They look fabulous…. –Vintage and RETRO– This is another style that I love… perhaps one of my favorites for decor. I love the bold shapes, the whimsical feeling of it, the striking contrast of colors…OK… back to the party…. If you follow...

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Making your deck a GAMEBOARD!

Among all of the hundreds of things that I love to do I have to say that spending time with my family¬†is NUMBER ONE.¬†So let me share with all of you one of the latest activities that we did together in our backyard. I call this…. OUR GIANT GAME BOARD.¬†These are the basic items that I used: A pair of wood dice that I made from 4×4 lumber, masking tape¬†to make the game board, and chalk. For the activities I got a bunch of little games from Target¬†in the Dollar aisle… LOVE THE CRAZY BRIGHT COLORS! …The first thing we did was make the “board” for the¬†game¬†with the tape and write with the chalk different activities that the children suggested on each of the empty spaces… Some of the SUMMERLICIOUS fun included: ¬†Water fight, sing a song, do the chicken dance, make a silly face, jump on the trampolineand some other fun stuff. ¬†I¬†{‚ô•} the “finish and “start” that one of my girls made with the masking tape. Then we were ready to play! Basically¬†all we did was¬†roll¬†the pair of dice right on the floor. One of them had numbers that represented how many spaces¬†the person playing should move. And the second dice had actions as “group hugs”, ¬†“lose a turn”, ¬†“go back one space”¬†and so on. The hit of the game however was the¬†“Crazy ¬†Hat”, because whoever ended...

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Share YOUR Awesomeness: GIVEAWAY!

I am so HAPPY to have Laura Beth from A Step in the Journey Photography here with us today. She is not just sharing her  talent BUT doing a GIVEAWAY for all of you FANTASTIC readers…What I love about her work is how you-nique it is. She combines a mix of modern photography, subway art and lettering design in just one PRINT… AWESOME! Check OUT SOME of her WORK! {Happily Ever After} {Family} {Newborn/Kids}   {Spirit Prints}   Laura Beth is GIVING AWAY a 8 x10 print (customized or from her shop). I think it would look great framed as part of any decor… ENTER TO WIN: Follow ÔĽŅA Step in the Journey Come back and let me know… {1 entry} Visit Laura Beth’s Shop and let me know what was your favorite item there. {1 entry} Stop by her Blog to say Hi!  Come back and let me know. {1 entry} Good LUCK everyone! The winner will be announce next Monday afternoon. …………………. Where are YOU going? IT IS TIME TO SHARE YOUR AWESOMENESS! You know what to do… If you made it share it!  PLEASE Button up and let others know that they can party here! Have fun and inspire me to create a new STICKERūüėČ <center><a <SPAN style=”BACKGROUND: yellow” class=<SPAN style=”BACKGROUND: yellow” class=<SPAN style=”BACKGROUND: yellow” class=goog-spellcheck-word>goog</SPAN>-spellcheck-word><SPAN style=”BACKGROUND: yellow” class=goog-spellcheck-word>goog</SPAN></SPAN>-spellcheck-word><SPAN style=”BACKGROUND: yellow” class=<SPAN style=”BACKGROUND: yellow” class=goog-spellcheck-word>goog</SPAN>-spellcheck-word><SPAN style=”BACKGROUND: yellow” class=goog-spellcheck-word>href</SPAN></SPAN></SPAN>=”http://www.<SPAN style=”BACKGROUND: yellow” class=<SPAN style=”BACKGROUND: yellow” class=<SPAN...

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EXTRAORDINARY GUEST: Circus Themed Nursery

Hi!  I am Michelle from Bok Bok B’Gerk  and boy am I SUPER excited to be here today. I am only weeks away from giving birth to our second child and so I have been working hard to create a special space in our house for this new baby. Putting together a room with a theme takes a lot of patience and flexibility.  I must say that my original vision for this room was absolutely nothing like how it actually turned out, but I love it soooo much. I started working on the nursery when we first moved in to our house almost two months ago, but due to illness and other stuff going on it has only just been deemed ‘completed’.  Well, it’s almost complete.  I hope you find our vintage circus themed nursery inspiring and I would love it if you stopped by Bok Bok B’Gerk sometime to say ‘hello!’   Anyway, here is a view of the nursery as you walk in the door: As the theme is vintage circus, it of course meant that we needed a string of bunting flags.  Gosh how I love bunting flags!   The ones below are made out of paper.  The flags with the Circus hot air balloons are actually made out of an Italian wrapping paper.  Such a lovely, lovely paper and well worth the effort it took to...

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EXTRAORDINARY Guest: Stenciled Desk.

Hey all you fabulous folks!  I am SOOO excited to be hanging out at The 36th Avenue today!! I’m Katie from CRAPTASTIC!  CRAPTASTIC I initially started blogging about my crazy furniture adventures in January, but after being inspired by all of YOU I have ventured out into all kinds of crafts! I’m so excited to be sharing one of my favorite projects with you all today!  I like to think of her as being ‘Old As Dirt!’ Back in March I worked on my nighstand, The Pink Lady.  I had so much fun with the harlequin stencil I decided to do it again! Here is how the old lady started: I loved this desk from the very start and quickly got started sanding and cleaning.  I was naughty and did not prime (although with such a light colored yellow, I should have)! After she was all painted it was time to apply the stencil.  I’m cheap poor, so I try to use what I have to cut corners.  Instead of buying a stencil I used cardstock and an exacto knife to make my own. I didn’t measure any of the diamonds for my stencil, they were just kind of eyeballed!  When cutting out your diamonds, be sure to leave a small amount of cardstock in between each diamond, otherwise you’ll just have a piece of cardstock with a big hole...

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Last week I introduced Miss Lovelyto the blog world… This week however I want to bring her back home,and give the tutorial a more personal touch… The thing about her is that she didn’t always look sooo chic. The matter of the fact is that  I found her at a Thrift Store just a few weeks ago… covered in dust  and with a sticker that said $4.99 on it. I have people asking me all the time “How do you always find such good deals?” Well… I think it has something to do with the fact that I see things not as they are but as how they could become… I believe I learned such a gift from my Grandfather..He always used to tell me…,” Desi, love is not blind… it just sees the best in us” So trying to see the best in Miss lovely  I first took away all the unwanted layers… Second, I removed the ugly sticks from the base. My original plan was  to bleach the fabric… because I love roses. Trust me I tried to do it BUT it didn’t work… for some reason it wouldn’t bleach. My spontaneous plan B was to paint the fabric. So  I did. First black… and after ivory… I loved how some of the back came through the lighter paint. Third… It was time to put some of the original embellishments back…They are so cute! ÔĽŅSo are you...

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Get Ready to be Inspired {2}

This first AWESOME project gets the new… …because this TUTORIAL by Ella Booa and Company   is a must see… I love the idea of converting a bunch of fence boards ÔĽŅinto a floating day bed. I want to take a Sunday nap here. L‚ô•VELY… ………………………. Now this cutie from Being Creative is not a dresser in my opinion this is a DIVA made of wood… Oh my… Miss Pink is pinkalicious ūüėČ Check out the sassy handles… ………………………………… Hello! This desk is PURE HOT DRAMA! I love this  blue color… strong and full of personality. Well done to  The Modern Cottage Company. ………………………….. I adore stamped furniture… and  Fancy Frugal Life did a great job and an easy to follow tutorial. The D nob is…. Delicious… …………………… …How cute are these chairs from Thats my Letter. Check out Jamie’s blog… so many GREAT  ideas there. …………………. This “table” from Simply Chic Treasures   was one of my favorite pieces from last week’s link party… The antique worn washed look is so well accomplished. Yummmy! …………………… Now, my “yummmmy” moment came when I saw this beauty.. Love the color and the simplicity of it… Looking at it makes me want to sit around it with  Lauren and chill under the shade of the tree,  having a cold cup of  lemonade while we have some girl talk. Therefore I give Lauren  from West Furniture Revival the… for her unforgettable...

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Do you remember me saying that I will show you later where in my house I put my little Red Desk? Well let me give you a tip it is NOT on my dirty deck. If you want to find out you need to come and visit Ucreate… where you can seemy new “Sew Cute” area… After you visit Ucreate I have the feeling you are going to want to come back to enter to win these Vinyl Stencils… I didn’t use them on pillows this time but I think they would look adorable on it as well… Not just 1… or 2… BUT 3 winners will be chosen. Why? To celebrate over 400 “likes” on Facebook and almost 500 Amazing Followers on the blog. GET OUT OF HERE! { never mind… stay } Here are the STENCILS…  TO ENTER: Follow The 36th Avenue  come back and let me know. If you are an amazing follower already let me know as well. {1 entry} Follow The 36th Avenue on FB, come back and let me know. Same here if you “like” the page already let me know… {1 entry} Additional Ways To Enter: Follow The 36th Avenue on Twitter (new) come back and let me know. {1 entry} Share this giveaway with others on FB {1 entry}  and Tweeter {another entry}and after let me know… Leave a Happy Comment on Ucreate or here and let me know....

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