Here we go!  Just four more days for New Years!

Today I am sharing a bunch of awesome hairstyles, nails, and makeup ideas

to help us celebrate this New Year in style.


The Hair!

I love ponytails.

They are cute, easy, timeless and playful.

Here are some pony tails with a twist.


Super cute 1950′s INSPIRED PONYTAIL by The Beauty Department.


The Double Hair Knot over at


Gorgeous Pretty Ponytail Twist Hair Tutorial by Love Meagan.

25 Makeup and Hair Tutorials over at


I also love this ponytail… perfect for shorter hair!

Tutorial over at The Small Things.


The up-do!

I am always up for DIY easy!


I love this playful feminine look.

Step by step here.


The Twist Flip Bun by The Beauty Department.


Here is another easy up-do by Oh So Pretty!

I love her hair color!


25 Makeup and Hair Tutorials over at


This side hair style is super easy to do.

In a couple minutes we can look effortlessly fabulous.

Step by step here.


The Braid

Braids have become perhaps one of the most trendy hairstyles.

They can get pretty crazy but today I am sharing a few braided hairstyles that

you and I can easily achieve.


Hot Crossed Bun Tutorial by The Beauty Department.

Adorable Braid Bun Bang!

Check out the step by step tutorial.


Shut UP!

You are looking at a basic French Braid…

Awesome tutorial by The Beauty Department.


Unicorn Braid Tutorial over at Polished.


If you have short hair here is an awesome braid for you.

Look how short her hair is… pretty impressive!

Tutorial over at The Beauty Department.


Hair Down and Half Up

Gorgeous Simple Vintage Waves Tutorial


Make a bow!

What a cute idea it is to make a Hair Bow!

Tutorial over at Hair and Makeup By Steph.


I am going to try this next one today!

Easy, easy, easy Half Up Do by The Simple Things.

The Tucked Away French Braid Tutorial.


Classic Bouffant Hair Style Tutorial by Bobby Glam.

This would also work on short hair!


Half Up Messy Look… I am in love!

Tutorial by The Small Things.




The Make-UP!

I love this simple gold idea for the eyes.

You can find the glitter at any department store including Target and Wal Mart.

image source


Here is a dramatic smoky glittered eye.

Get the look over at preen me


For the glamorous simple clean look check out this tutorial.



The Nails!

I love all of these fun metallic nail ideas over at Goose’s Glitter.

If you love nails you must follow this blog!


Here is another sparkly nail style from Goose’s Glitter.

Get the name of the nail polish and how to do it there!


I found these nails over at The Polish Aholic.

These are perfect if you love a more natural look!


Before you go you may want to take a look at these

25 Hair and Makeup Styles.


For more nails make sure to check out my Nail It Board on Pinterest.

For Hair and Makeup my Style It Board on Pinterest

and for what to wear  take a look at my Wear It Board on Pinterest.


Now have fun the weekend is almost here!



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7 Responses to 25 Hair and Makeup Tutorials

  1. Gemy Vinson says:

    I absolutely love to see hair trends changing each year. It keeps things fresh and new. I do have to say that I am so glad that Ombre hair has not gone away! Let’s keep it going!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Can’t wait to give that unicorn braid a try on my daughter. Thanks!

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