Hi friends! I’m Taryn from Design, Dining and Diapers and I’m so happy to be back here at The 36th Avenue! I took a few months off as we welcomed a new baby into our family and it’s great to be back sharing a fun and easy Christmas project with all of you.

Wood Scrap Reindeer by @tarynatddd

One of my favorite things to work with is recycled wood. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that our fence blew down in a wind storm a few weeks ago, and we had to rebuild part of it. What a bummer! But on the bright side, I was able save some of the wood scraps from the fence posts and made these super easy Wood Block Reindeer! Turn your old wood scraps into modern reindeer! via @tarynatddd


If you like super fun, inexpensive and really easy projects, then the is for you. Oh and you get to use power tools too. Bonus.


- 2 Wood Blocks – Twigs From Your Backyard – Wooden Buttons – White Paint – Power Drill – Wood Glue – 120 Grit Sand Paper – A mixture of Americana Gold Metallic Paint and Jaquard Gold Pigments WOOD COLLAGE My blocks were already cut because I used scraps from our fence, but you could easily cut your own blocks using a circular saw. Mine measure about 10 inches. I gently, sanded down the rough edges and then gave them two coats of left over white interior paint and let them dry. Drilling Holes

Next, I measured down two inches on either side and drilled holes for the branches. I made the holes slightly bigger than the branches. I found that drilling straight down for 1/4″ first, then angling it made it easier. Twig Collage

Then place a little wood glue inside and stick in your branches. IMG_6431

For the noses, I picked up a pack of wooden buttons from the hardware store (you can find them in the molding section) and gave them a coat of a little mixture I came up with, Americana Gold Metallic combined with Jaquard Products Pearl EX Gold Pigment. Modern Wood Block Reindeer via @tarynatddd


Then I glued on the noses and these babies are done!

What did I tell ya, super easy and super inexpensive. 


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Happy Holiday Decorating :)



Hi there. I’m Taryn, I’m a wife, mom, freelancer and blogger. I’m the owner of Design, Dining + Diapers, a place where I share tips and tricks for decorating on a budget by repurposing the old, transforming dollar store finds and shopping the clearance sections. I also have a huge sweet tooth so you’ll find some yummy desserts thrown in the mix too.

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  1. They are extremely cute and modern, BIG love for the idea and the wood. Thank you so much for sharing Taryn & Desirée, enjoy December:-) BIG hug

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